Ladies Im sorry Ive been gone so long! MY dear husband and I are still doing great.  Our father has been working intently on us or should i say weve been intently allowing him.  Anyways He is wonderful, He even put great distance between us and problematic people in our lives, skirt chasing friend is now living in Afghanistan..... Hows that for distance!  I wont ne on here very often.  PLease contact me if youd like to chat.   Gods daughter...more

God is Awesome

He has been working miracles in my marriage!  My husband talks with me, eats dinner with me and sleeps in our bed. He's even wearing his wedding band again.  We laugh together.  We are not out of the woods, God has us both by the hand and it feels AWESOME!  Our Father has been convicting me of all the things I must change,  (some easier than others) its been a real awakening.  Ladies all I can say is Prayer, its THE best medicine....more

I didn't go.

I didn't go to the barbeque.  How could I show my face amongst those people my husband drinks with, talks about me to? Perceivably living among them as though he's single (doesnt wear his wedding ring lately). Besides, his casual tone sounded more like he was tossing me a bone on his way out, rather that really wanting me to go.  I was too humiliated and hurt.  I just watched him leave, cried and prayed a whole lot. ...more