5 Scandinavian Crafts

Lately I've been doing a little reminiscing. So, I decided to do a little roundup of some of my favorite Scandinavian-themed crafts that I've made over the years. One of my all-time faves has definitely been the tomte tutorial! ...more

Pickled Sriracha Chard Stems

If you know my husband Ryan at all, you know that he's pretty...more

IKEA is the best

You may have already seen this genius IKEA commercial about their new catalog. But if you haven't, I implore you to watch it right now! Those Swedes are pretty funny ....more

Scandinavian Baking Essentials

If you love Scandinavian baking as much as I do, here is a list of popular Scandinavian pans/specialized baking equipment that you may need to add to your collection! Krumkake Iron These tasty treats are one my favorites, and not only because of the nostalgia factor. My mom sometimes makes these at Christmas and they are so good ....more

Old Swedish Books

I recently acquired these awesome, old, Swedish books. Back when Ryan and I went to Chicago for the weekend for our friend's wedding, they used these great books as part of their centerpieces. When the wedding wrapped up, I was told I could take some home! ...more

Figgy jam

It's no secret, I love jam. I love making it and I love eating it. What's not to love about fruity goodness in a jar? ...more

Weekend Getaway

Ryan and I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Chicago! We were there for exactly 24 hours. Red-eye flight on Friday, followed by sister-hangout-time, followed by an awesome wedding, then trip back to the airport to catch our 5:00 AM flight back home on Sunday ....more

DIY Aquavit

A while back, I posted about our new little aquavit bar I made in our dining room. Ryan and I will skål with some aquavit on special occasions [like getting a new job, celebrating an anniversary, or even just having a clean apartment!], and it's become a fun tradition. Unfortunately, aquavit hasn't become a mainstream liquor here in the States [yet] ....more

Giveaway WINNERS

Drumroll please.... The winner of the CoffeeSock is:...more

Righteous Bros. Cold Brew GIVEAWAY!

Thanks for joining us today, after the cold brew coffee tutorial, for this great opportunity for you to win your very own cold brew by Righteous Bros. Coffee Roasters! [photo source] Righteous Bros ....more