Baked goods

Here are a few things I've been baking over the past month or so that have been worthy of baking again....more

We took a trip

Ryan and I took a lovely long weekend to San Diego over President's Day. We had beautiful weather the entire time and had a wonderful time relaxing, sightseeing, and eating some fun food!One of the highlights was going to the San Diego Maritime Museum on the water. It consists of 6 different historic ships you can tour, each with their own exhibits ....more

All about food

I feel like Ryan and I have had some really good food lately and I just wanted to make a list of things so I don't forget them. Sorry this post will be boring and sans pictures....more

Life in a nutshell

Happy New Year, everyone! 2015 is going to be great. I can't believe my pregnancy is already over halfway done ....more

God Jul!

Merry Christmas/God Jul to all of you out there! May you have a blessed day and new year ahead! xoxo, Kathryn ...more

Scandinavian Christmas: Day 9

Here we are already on day 9! Today I welcome back Erica! Erica is married to my cousin Sten, and they have a precious little girl named Lucy ....more

Scandinavian Christmas: Day 8

Welcome back! Here we are on Day 8 already! Today we have the very talented Rachel sharing with us, who blogs over at Nest Full of Eggs....more

Scandinavian Christmas: Day 7

Welcome to Day 7, everyone! The series is flying by! Today my bestie, Jessica, will be sharing this adorable little gnome lovie! ...more

Scandinavian Christmas: Day 6

Welcome to Day 6! Today I'm so excited to have my niece, Anna, and one of my sisters, Krista, share this delicious Spritz Cookie recipe - a family favorite! I get to see this two in just a couple days and couldn't be more excited! ...more

Scandinavian Christmas: Day 5

Welcome back to Day 5, everyone! Today we get to hear from Karin who blogs over at the fabulous Nordic Craft! She shares everything from fun craft projects, beautiful photos, and fun recipes on her blog ....more