Women's Equality Day

Today is Women's Equality Day. How fitting that the Moon is in Cancer, the sign that represents all things feminine! Humanity has a long way to go before women are truly equal citizens of the planet, but we're moving steadily forward. To help that happen, make it a point to be nurturing and helpful today. Anticipate someone else's need and fulfill it. Cook a nourishing meal or enjoy playing with a child. ...more

KT, I hope you are OK. Do you know that you have at least one male fan (admittedly a Cancer :)? ...more

Feeling Sensitive.

The Moon is a busybody today, casting aspects right and left, most of them hard ones. This could make us feel childish, insisting on having things our own way and going off in a snit when we don't get it. Try to be more mature than that! This evening, the Moon moves into her own sign of Cancer, and the trend continues. We'll feel much more sensitive than usual. Everyone should take care not to hurt other people's feelings. ...more

Creative Energy.

The Sun enters Virgo today, the final astrological sign of summer. Despite the long, hot days, at least here in the northern hemisphere, our attention is turning to the beginning of the school year, even if you don't have school-aged children or haven't been a student yourself for years. There's just something about productive, practical Virgo that propels us into motion. Don't forget to catch that wave of exciting, creative energy that's surging through us today. It's quite a carpet ride! ...more

I'm Virgo, your prospectives about my sign is amazing but i'm said cause that Summer is ...more

Exciting And Unusual!

Over the next three days, an exciting and unusual event is unfolding in the sky. First, two swift planets, Mercury and Venus -- combined, these signify artistic communication -- unite in Virgo, the sign of the craftsman. This would be nice enough by itself, due to the ease and idealism it brings. But there's another huge factor in the mix -- Uranus! It's impossible to predict what will happen when the Awakener is stimulated by faster planets, but do watch for completely surprising, even shocking events. ...more

Power Surge.

The Sun trines Pluto tonight, creating a real power surge during the day as the aspect builds. Dig deep and go far. You're tapping into the final degrees of Fire Signs -- by far the most creative element. You'll discover wells of imaginative resources you didn't even know you had. These could be inner resources, but they could just as easily be something tangible you find in your closet, basement or attic. This is all about personal power and making the best of it. You go! ...more

Do For Others.

Mars, the Planet of Passion and War, enters peaceful Libra today. Talk about a planet feeling stymied! It's a lot harder than usual to stick up for yourself when self-centered Mars moves through this others-oriented sign. However, there is a great way to use Mars in Libra: Act on behalf of others. Help the underprivileged or disenfranchised. Stamp out injustice. And remember the old saying: You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. ...more

Surge Of Inspiration.

We're looking at a highly creative and perhaps unusual week. A surge of inspiration is influencing us now -- a welling-up of ideas that yearn to be expressed beautifully and clearly. The content or form of this creation could be quite new and exciting; some might even call it a breakthrough. So wave your antennae around for the next eight days. Sniff the air. Be alert to openings in the cosmic fabric of life. Who knows what wonders you might glimpse on the other side? ...more

Mental Discipline.

You'll feel even more of Saturn's influence today as little Mercury passes by the Ringed One as quickly as he can. Despite the leftover fog of today's early-morning, confusion-producing aspects, there's still work to do. A Mercury-Saturn conjunction aids in mental discipline and helps you stick to your agenda. Burying yourself in your work can actually be a welcome relief. Tonight, be sure to check out the Full Moon. It's big and beautiful. Go out if you feel like it, but don't let anyone force you to do anything you don't want to do. There's tension in the air. ...more

Lack Of Focus And Clarity.

Despite the fact that the Moon is in steady Capricorn for most of the workday, don't be surprised if you lack both focus and clarity. That's because the Sun, symbol of consciousness and attention, is opposing Neptune, Planet of Illusion. Someone is distracting you or practicing sleight of hand. What you think you see isn't what's really going on. Your best bet with this aspect is some type of spiritual, religious or reverent activity, such as lingering in a garden or listening to inspiring music. ...more

Restrictions On Love And Money.

Venus and Saturn unite in Virgo today, putting a damper on things related to love and money. Saturn always represents some sort of limit or restriction. And when applied to a feel-good planet like Venus, well, that doesn't feel too good at all! Lovers are separated by conditions beyond their control. We're tightening our belts. Displays of affection are restricted and rules are enforced. All we can do is accept it. This aspect will mostly affect anyone born on or around February 28, May 31, September 2 or December 2. ...more