After 5 Years, Ryan GETS IT

This summer, we took about 5 weeks off of school. Kaylin and Ryan went to camp, we went to San Diego as a family, we had Ryan's birthday party, I spent some time regrouping for the new year at the Arizona Homeschool Convention, the kids enjoyed the break.Even though most of the local school districts don't start school until next week, we began a couple of weeks ago. Which is tough when the rest of the kids are still playing video games all day long! ...more

Developing a Love for Learning: A Homeschooling Update

As we wind down our "school year", I find myself reflecting on where we are with our homeschool journey. I've cycled in and out of different philosophies in the past few years I've become extremely relaxed and laid back these days. Working from home while homeschooling can sometimes be a challenge, but for the most part, we work it out just fine ....more

I'm Back! And I'm Less Naive.

Hello, my friends! Did you miss me?...more

Time to Go Private?

Last week, I got an odd comment (which I promptly deleted), followed by a horribly vulgar comment yesterday about Kaylin. I flipped out and immediately changed the settings of my blogs to private. For years, I have been under the naive notion that only people like me read my blog ....more

A Blogging Evolution

Hello, readers! ...more

#51 - Train Jason to be completely diaper-free

Jason has been out of diapers during the day for quite some time, and might have even been when I wrote my 101 Goals in 1001 Days list. But nighttime took a lot longer to overcome. He would go weeks without a nighttime accident, then go weeks without a dry Pull-Up....more

#65 - Touch up the paint spots all over the house (with the correct shade)

As it turns out, after nearly 10 years in a house, paint fades. For the life of me, I could NOT figure out how to touch up any spots on our walls because the right paint color, with every sheen under the sun, was not a match. I later learned that sprayed-on paint can't necessarily be touched up with a paintbrush ....more

#82 - Do something crazy with my hair (well, crazy for ME)

It took me a while, but I finally decided to do something fun and different with my hair. I tried last year, but when I told my friend, she asked if I was going through a midlife crisis. It made me feel like I was trying to be younger than I am ....more

Hulk 6th Birthday Party

I got some of these Hulk ideas from Pinterest, the cupcakes are my original design, though! ...more

#53 - Buy reading lamps for next to the kids' beds

I'm not quite sure when I checked this item off my 101 in 1001 list, but it was sometime this summer. I knew we were redecorating Kaylin's room and we had just given Jason his own room, so I bought them both lamps at Target. We just relocated a tall lamp from downstairs into Ryan's room and boom - they all had illumination for reading before bedtime....more