Jeans: A Loathe Story

It all started with a pair of Guess jeans. Not just any pair of Guess jeans. They were acid wash, high-waisted, zipper at the ankles Guess jeans. I had to have them. I also desperately wanted scrunchies for my hair, Skin musk, and a Cabriolet....more

Parenthood: A Wild Rumpus

Illustration by Peter Brown from The Curious GardenThe little boy was wearing blue jeans with one thread-worn knee and a red rugby shirt....more

Always Listen To Your Gut Instinct

@kimberly_montgomery Thanks so much, Kimberly. Me, too!more

Everything Possible

The other night my son and I were sitting on the sofa together, his dark blond head against my chest, our fingers intertwined. As I do every day, I try to get him to talk to me about his day, about his friends, about whatever is going on in his imagination. Usually I have to wrestle and tickle him until he’s tired out and flopped on the sofa, feet up where his head should be, head tilted upside down over the side like a worn out puppy to get him to talk....more
@jlweinberg Your kid will be just fine because he will always have a loving, understanding home ...more

Please Don't Be A Mean Girl

Bedtime is the sweet part of the day when Ruby and I finally get to be alone, and the moment when I get the real scoop on what's happening in her life at school. When Ruby is sleepy and her brothers aren't competing for my attention, she drops her guard and offers me brief glimpses into her rich imaginary world, her friendships, and her feelings about our family. Last night, as Ruby told me about what she did at recess that day, my heart hurt a little. She described hanging out with her best buddy at school and went on to tell me about a joke they played on another girl....more
My daughter comes home with stories like these too and I more than once I've had to shock my ...more