In Response To: "Dr. Laura, the N-Word, Gays, Lesbians, Autism: Bloggers on Everything She's Wrong About" by Liz Henry

"So, I just listened to the whole Jade/”Dr.” Laura broadcast because I wanted to hear the actual conversation and not simply react to reactions. ...O...M...G... ... Here's the deal: if your partner doesn't at least stand by you when you're dehumanized, there's a major relationship problem..."...more

Personally, I think Dr. Laura looks better with a d^key haircut. Wonder if she'd be offended by ...more

Smart Kid Bad Rap: The Impact of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy on an Undergraduate Student

I totally screwed up in college. I completed my freshman year with a GPA of 1.79. Six years later, I graduated with a 2.6, somewhere between a C+ and a B- overall, depending on who’s looking....more

The Real Stink on Residential Bathroom Ventilation Codes

Let’s face it:  nobody wants the wrong kind of funk at a dinner party.  However, many don’t realize just how fatal the wrong kind of funk can actually be.  I am now going to share with you a personal experience I recently had in my bathroom.  Ohhh yes, I just said that.  No worries, though, lovelies.  I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill Austin Powers kind of bathroom humor.  What I’m talking about involves the completely-not-to-code ventilation situation in many average bathrooms. ...more

Hm. trying to edit the article. can't recall how to do it.... Ah. Got it. Wrong "edit" button. ...more

6-13-09 ...A Third Word on Lesbian Hair

I have decided that there is a serious need to teach pluralism in beauty and fashion.  I’m not talking about feminizing “androgyny,” and I’m not talking about heaving a person across gender lines to the extent that his/her full on gender expression/identity is imposed upon, either.  I’m talking about serious, honest to God pluralism.  The kind that opens our eyes to see more than One, OR the O ...more

6-5-09 (re-post) Another Word on Lesbian Hair

Okay... Got the hairs cut today.  Spent $61.75, $20 of which was on "product," and tried a new stylist ta boot.  I have to say,  I have the sinking feeling that I'm going to have to go in with the clippers and "fix" it myself already.  Although, I'll also say that I usually have that feeling before ever leaving the chair, so this stylist has at least brought me a step further than most. Also to her credit was the following comment she made as she assessed the damage done by Roger without my input: ...more

Kaffee KWest

Saturday, May 30, 2009 Kaffee KWest - In the Beginning,There was Colombian Narino Supremo from   ...more

A Word on Lesbian Hair...

The other day I was filling out yet another FaceBook questionnaire when I ran across the following question: "15. Do you like your hair?" This inspired me to begin a whole blog, because the topic is actually quite broad when asked of a lesbian who is not of the L Word variety.  Heck, for all I know, it’s a broad topic when it is asked of an L Word variety lesbian.  But I’m not one, and I’ve noticed an extreme deficiency among social commentaries from my end of the block when regarding lesbian hair. ...more

...when you wrote it. You make so many very good points!

I have a good friend who is both ...more