Tax Time: What Bloggers Need to Know

At the Healthy Living Summit, after I gave my talk about making money from blogging, I got a couple of questions that I had to dodge. But I knew I couldn't outrun them for long! Instead of trying to fumble through the issue myself, I called in an expert. ...more
As someone who has run a business for 26 years, my advice is hire a good accountant. Clip ...more

Get Your Sexy On

It's all my struggles with weight, body image and confidence, one thing has NEVER been a problem. I feel sexy. I'm not saying I am sexy or that I have a body that others would find sexy. Sexy is a feeling -- up there with happy, fulfilled, confident. Sexy is for YOU and for nobody else. ...more

I love this! You've inspired me to go find a dance class to get my groove on.more