Thrifty Thursday!

Happy Thrifty Thursday! Tuesday the hubs and I spent the day doing whatever I wanted,...more

And So It Begins! 1/50

Today, I turned 50! Yep...the other F word!...more

There and Back

Last week, the husband and I were so fortunate to go visit our neighbors to the north. Nope...not in Oklahoma....more

Thrifty Thursday!

Ah...another Thrifty Thursday!...more

Weekending: Dallas Museum of Art

The weekend before last, the hubs and I set out on a cultural adventure. It was a hot Saturday, so we figured a trip in to Dallas would be fun. Dallas is home to ...more


I've had some wonderful yardage in my fabric stash for a while now....more

B I N G O ~ A Vintage Sign Project

My dear friend, Becca, recently built a new home!...more

Miss Pia Knew

Yesterday, I walked by one of the bedrooms and noticed that Miss Pia had been messing with the window blinds. I stopped and went to fix them, and noticed this! ...more

The Answer, My Friend....

is blowing in the wind!...more

Flying Time & Scattered Thoughts

Seriously, how does so much time fly by between posts with me? I swear I have the best intentions! When last we visited, I was heading off to the DFW Fiberfest....more