Vegan Strawberry Cupcakes, Just Add Rosé

With Valentine’s Day coming up, why buy roses when you can make them (and eat them) yourself? I guarantee they won’t be as delicious as these guys. It has been on my mind lately to dream up my own unique Valentine’s cupcake for the holiday. I thought of using rose water, rose petals, pistachios, lemon, lemonade, pink pink pink… but nothing really felt right. The inspiration for these came when I opened the fridge this morning. Rosé. My aha! moment. ...more
They look good but the soy milk and the canola oil is really bad for you. I suggest replacing ...more

Honey Banana Walnut Smoothie

Gluten-Free Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart

Have you ever been really proud of something you baked or created before? Like, really super duper uber proud? Every once in a while, you make something awesome. Or at least you think it’ll turn out awesome, and it actually does. Isn’t that one of the best feelings in the world? Ok, so you can relate to how I feel about making this tart....more
This has to make it into my meal plan!more