A Meeting of the Minds

Stop Motivating Me

Do you ever have a friend who only wants what’s best for you but you really don’t want what’s best for you?  Do you ever not appreciate that enough and fully take that for granted?  Well I am so guilty of that.  I feel so awful that I am not doing what she is doing although I need to.What is she doing?...more

A Different Kind of Different

Wow, another week.It is so amazing how time is really moving, already over half of the year is over.This week we are discussing our mindset around being different.  We are learning to embrace our uniqueness.Take a peek here for this week’s assignment....more

Just Grateful

Oh today is a lazy Sunday.  I am so out of it.  What do I mean? I am so out of “The Groove” today.  Usually I am hyped up by Sunday and ready to start my week but today I am not. It may be because it is to hot and humid here in Georgia.  Or it could be because I learned today of a member in my church losing his daughter earlier this week after losing his wife to cancer only 9 months previously.  That really gave caught me by surprise and has really given me cause to pause and reflect today....more

When Women Succeed, America Succeeds

Earlier this year in February, there was an absolutely wonderful forum hosted at Mills College that addressed economic diversity especially as it relates to women. There were several political figures and women of power who participated in the forum. The most beautiful thing that came out of that forum was simply that “when women succeed, America succeeds”....more

What Does Freedom Really Stand For?

I AM A TRUE AMERICAN THROUGH AND THROUGH!! Cut me and I bleed red, white and blue!!...more

Why I Write This Blog

Have you ever wanted something so bad it kept you up at night?  You have envisioned this dream time and time again.  It has excited your soul and your mind.  It has kept your engine running.  You know with every fiber of your being you are not MEDIOCRE.Does this remind of you of anyone you know?Hi, I am Coach KimmieJ.I have many new readers to my blog so I wanted to formally introduce myself. ...more