Dear Writers: Success Is Mattering to Somebody

If the writer I was six or seven years ago could have sat at my desk yesterday, snooped around in my email, spied my name on the spine of a hardcover book propped up between bookends, and discovered my writing in a stack of glossy magazines, she would have taken it all as evidence that I’d finally made it. Success....more
Wow, wow, wow. I absolutely loved this post. Thanks so much for these inspirational words!more

Blog To Book: The Book Is Not The End Game

It's been almost a year since the hardcover edition of Planting Dandelions was released. Last spring was a giddy season. Warm advance reviews were rolling in, interviews and readings were being planned, buzz was in the air. Though I kept my expectations in check, I allowed my hopes to roam wild and high, as dreams must do....more

I Guess I Wanted a Girl, Too

I am a mother of boys. I own it, flaunt it, revel in it. It's practically my brand. "I am the household goddess and queen bee," I wrote in my book, in a chapter titled Penis Ennui. I wouldn't have it any other way, I tell people. Toilet seat battles notwithstanding....more
Ha, good point. Of course, my imaginary daughter wears everything I choose, wants to do ...more

Confusing Personal with Professional at Blogher '07, OR the Root Word of Networking is WORK.

Although I have a category for blogging about blogging (I call it "Streaking the Quad") I try to use it sparingly. It quickly gets a little like like the kid on the cereal box holding a cereal box with a kid on the cereal box. Know what I mean? I said that last week's Blogher '07 wrap up post would be the last space given over to the conference on Notes to Self, and I meant it. But then I discovered that some conference attendees are hurting over the perception they were being overlooked or left out based on a social hierarchy. ...more

(Dude! I told you about crying in the bathroom in the strictest confidence!)

I think that you ...more

got a vanity to toss on the bonfire?

Below is an excerpt of my post about conference jitter-induced primping. As a first-timer, it takes the edge off my own jitters to hear that others, even "old-timers" are going through the same. I cited a few vanity table confessions. I'd love to hear yours. ...more

an extra special occasion, I mean.

Fast Times @ ...more

last minute hotel deal

For those who may have missed the hotel discounts, I thought this Hotwire alert might be of interest: $83 per night 50% off Chicago landmark hotel on Michigan Ave. -- $83 Celebrate 83 years with this $83 deal! Valid through September 7, the 83-year-old Allerton Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Chicago, is offering an amazing rate of just $83 per night including weekends. Book before 11:59 PM on 07/25/07 (CST) ...more

Kung Foodie,

Thanks for screening the offer. I've got my bed lined up, so didn't look look ...more

"I'm going!" button: anyone else hesitant?

I'm not a beginner blogger, but a beginner blogher attendee. I am cautious (or maybe paranoid) when it comes to letting readers know where I am going in advance....I'm sort of on the fence about sporting the I'm Going! Blogher 07 button. On the one hand, I'm excited enough to shout about it. On the other hand, do I want to tell my readers exactly where I'll be July 26-29? ...more

Just don't be specific about where one will be

Any body else notice "first wave" bloggers moving on?

This is an excerpt of a post I wrote tonight.... "I hate to blog much about blogging, because it feels a little like chasing my own tail, and intimates that I have no life (I have one; I just choose to ignore it sometimes). But my spidey sense has been all a-tingle this week with a convergence of developments in the careers of some of the bloggers I follow. It's as if all the seniors are graduating, getting married or dropping out. ...more

I think it follows the normal growth curve...
New Media and ...more

Will you blog your remembrance of 9.11?

There isn't really an appropriate forum heading for this question, but I will post it here anyhow.... To my own surprise, I was moved to write an entry about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and post it this morning on my blog. Will/have any of you done the same? ...more

Mostly my own. more

Hello? Is this thing on?

Lately it feels like I am monologing. I have visitors, but few commentators. I'm not exactly in it for mass adulation, but feedback does feed. What keeps the lurkers lurking? Do you mainly lurk on blogs? Or do you comment early and often? To what extent do you invite or solicit comments, and how important are they to you? ...more

I really like this topic.

I think blogging has become the new watercooler gossip station. ...more