Hey Kids: Stop begging and GET A JOB.

I completely understand it: times are hard, the economy is bad, there isn't a lot of "spare" money floating around. You do what you have to do to get by, I get it. But really you didn't have any better idea than standing out side the grocery store and asking for spare change?...more

Love, Loss and Happily Ever After: A lovey story

  Love, Loss and Happily Ever After: A Lovey Adventure What is true love?...more

Life as a Full Time Work Outside the Home Mom: A Retrospective

Life as I know it has evolved.  There aren't many more 180 degree turns you can make in life like the one I just chose.  Full-time, outside of the home, kids in daycare, 9-5 Monday to Friday working mom to 24-7, car-pool driving, playdate attending, mini-van sporting Stay-at-home mom.There are so many misconceptions and generalizations about both of these roles, and now that I have experienced them both, I have never been more secure in my choices.  I am right where I need to be right now and (all things considered) I am pretty happy....more

Kids and Scientists: Media Stereotypes and Gender-bias

With all the talk of sex discrimination in science, I found this post over on Restructure to be an interesting one. It shows kids drawings of what they think a "scientist" looks like before and after a visit to Fermilab. Before the visit, scientists looked a lot like this:...more

I'm a good working mom. Really.

  Today I heard a vent from a brand new mom who was planning to go back to work and was being eaten alive by mommy guilt about using daycare.Specifically she said:...more