Glam Polish swatches and review

In a recent giveaway held by Aussie indie brand Glam Polish, I was super lucky and won three of Rachel's pretties. I'm not a huge fan of blingy glitter, but I can't resist the cute dots in these! I decided to try them out over some unusual colour choice, and I was pretty pleased with the results... ...more

Orly Macabre Masquerade and guest post links

Today I have a swatch of a new shade, Orly Macabre Masquerade, from the limited edition Secret Society collection. Macabre Masquerade is a deep shimmery blue, containing fine multicoloured glitters. It's a bit sheer, so this is two coats over ulta3 Hollywood. ...more

Gel eyeliner comparison with scientific methody stuff - Face of Australia, Essence and Mary Kay

I love gel eyeliner's longevity, user-friendliness and colour payoff, so naturally I was very excited when I was given the change to try out a limited edition gel eyeliner from Mary Kay. (I didn't even know that Mary Kay were active in Australia, but it turns out they had 10 000 consultants in Australia in 2010, and have been here since 1971.) ...more

Artsy Wednesday: Vintage (Lace nails)

This week's theme is vintage. I went for lace nails - I've always been in love with lace manicures, but I've never gone to the effort of getting a tiny piece of lace (for shame!), and when I tried stamping I found thin lines too temperamental to work (I tried though, check out an earlier effort here). ...more

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer Fig & Rhubarb - Swatches and Review

I've had the Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Rhubarb for months now, but it wasn't until I got to try it out in Fig that I realised I should probably post a review! ...more

Pure speculation! The science behind nail polish

There are a few common sciencey questions I get asked a lot, and for some of them, I have a strong suspicion on how they work, but I can't confirm it properly (without misappropriating university resources, anyway). So here's a post where I speculate about how things work, which may or may not turn into a series of posts... How does shatter/crackle polish work? ...more

Freaky Friday - In which my boyfriend becomes a nail art guru

These events happened a while ago, but I've only just managed to wrap my head around them. I'm still don't quite understand how it happened, or how I can make it happen again... In which he demands quality nail art supplies "I'm bored!" the boyfriend sighs. I see his eyes dart towards the pile of un-throw-out-able beauty products in the corner of my room. "Can I help you clean?" ...more

My SOS Skin Regimen

Lately I've had a few nasty pimples appear on my face, including a few of those deep, nasty bumps that hang around for ages and make you start to think you may have a tumour, as well as a field of little clogged pores. I mainly think it was diet and lifestyle (lack of sleep, possibly also my habit of eating a whole jumbo bag of chilli kettle chips in one sitting) which made them rear their ugly heads, but ...more

Tried and tested: Born Pretty Brushes

I have this stupid problem where I keep misplacing my favourite clean-up/everything brush. It's a skinny round eyeliner brush, so it's understandable that it rolls into oblivion every once in a while, but it's been missing since the end of March and it's annoying me no end. ...more