Celebrating Women & Inspiring Change

March is National Women's History Month and...more

No Flowers or Chocolates for This Saint! Who was Saint Valentine?

When I travel I love researching the legends and stories of my destinations. Part of that is a curiosity about the origin of rituals, holidays, and traditions…in this case, Saint Valentine’s Day.* ♥ * ♥ * ♥ *No Flowers or Chocolates for This Saint!Roses are Red,  Violets are Blue…I’m Glad I’m No Saint, Aren’t YOU?* ♥ * ♥ * ♥ *Typically St. Valentine’s Day conjures up images of romantic, lovey-dovey stuff like hearts and flowers, boxes of chocolates, mushy greeting cards, and the like… Well, this wasn’t exactly the case for this holiday’s namesake, Saint Valentine – in fact, there was no romance for this saint! Furthermore, there are actually three potential Valentines that the day commemorates and in all three cases, they were martyred i.e., imprisoned, tortured, and executed. Yikes, not my idea of romantic or happy ending!...more

Planning to Travel in 2014? Yes, It's Time to Start Planning

Victoria's Travel TidBitZ:Plan NOW to Travel LATER!Does the Early Bird Still Get the Worm?It's still very early in the year and maybe you're still recuperating from the holidays and don't really want to think about making travel plans for 2014 yet (or maybe you already have?) Well, we all operate differently and have different comfort levels, but my advice to you would be to start NOW. In other words, yes, the early bird does still get the worm!...more

Happy Re-NEW Year!!

Victoria's Travel TidBitZ for December 30th:Happy RE-New Year!!Out with the Old, In with RE-New!!re - a prefix, occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning "again" or "again and again" to indicate repetition. (dictionary.com)...more

Paying Tribute to S-P-A-N-D-E-X isn’t a STRETCH

Paying Tribute to S-P-A-N-D-E-X isn’t a STRETCH! Three Cheers for Stretchy Stretch!We have to stretch a lot to travel – stretch those travel budget dollars, stretch our time, and quite often stretch our way of thinking. And sometimes we need to quite literally stretch......more

Travel TidBitZ – You (Probably) Can’t Take it With You... But You Can Try! The TSA has Some New Rules...Check It Out!

Holidays, traveling...here we go again ...what can and can’t I get through those security checkpoints?? To avoid frustration and disappointment, best to check out the rules beforehand. My philosophy is to try to help the TSA officers do their job – they are there to protect you, so be prepared for their sake and for the sake of your fellow travelers!TSA Pre√ :TSA now has a pre-screening program for selected airlines and airports to expedite screening (special lines and all!) at the airport. Available at over 100 airports and through many airlines, it’s worth a look:http://www.tsa.gov/tsa-precheck...more

Carving Out a Tradition on Halloween!

Why Do We Carve Pumpkins at Halloween?Do you carve a pumpkin on Halloween? Do you make it good and ghoulishly scary and put it on your porch or doorstep to “welcome” trick or treaters? Maybe you put a candle inside? Did you ever wonder why or where this Halloween tradition originated?...more

Digging Deep to the Heart of the Family Tree!

October is National Italian American Heritage Month...and as an Italian American, it’s only natural that this  finds me digging up some roots...family roots....more

Say "Thank YOU"! Today is World Gratitude Day!

National Potato Chips Day? National Poultry Day? National Peculiar People Day? Old Rocks Day? Really?? Who thinks of this stuff and, furthermore, who celebrates them? Well, I’m not sure, but here’s a day we should ALL celebrate...every day...World Gratitude Day!...more

Victoria's Travel TidBitZ – Who Said “Timing is Everything”? Well, They Were Right!

Well, when I researched, it seems that a lot of people  are credited with saying “timing is everything”...and, it’s often quoted and repeated by many of us. Certainly, when it comes to travel, there’s no doubt that timing is important although what is good timing is a matter of opinion. ...more