Synesthesia. Apparently I Have It.
I, too have synesthesia. I love it. It makes me rad at Pinterest.more

I Don't Wear Make up. If I Did Would I Be Less of a Feminist? I Say No.

Feminism and Hair. Is Shaving For Suckers?"Shaving is for suckers" as my friend Aimee would say. Us women are hairy beings and many forget this....even women. Isn't that bizarre? Us women who shave are the ones who go through the process of hair removal however we often forget that we have as much hair as we do....more

Cosmo wants you to stop emasculating your boyfriend

Every now and then I liked to read from a blog entitled Sociological Images. As I visited it today I read a post that discusses a recent article from Cosmo Magazine.Nikki L. sent in images of an article to Sociological Images called, “Are You Turning Your Boyfriend into a Girlie Man?”. The article is from from the February 2010 issue of Cosmo Magazine.&nbsp ...more