Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Decorations

This week's Wordless Wednesday is about Halloween activities left to do and cool DIY decoration ideas for cheap. Let's all go Halloween crazy this year :) ...more

Halloween Doctor Who: Let's Get Creepy

Happy Halloween Week! In honor of my favorite holiday and one of my favorite tv shows (Doctor Who) this post is dedicated to my cousin David and his awesome artistic skills of creating the DW Weeping Angel below-I'm going to challenge myself to post Halloween-only all week.Don't blink. Let's start off creepy: ...more

4 Places to Find Fabulous Plus-Size Jeans on a Budget

After spending some four hours in a department store with my mom today, I realized that there are some great plus-sized (size 12+) jean choices out there ... if you can afford them, that is. What about us girls who want great fit, but can't afford over $100 a pair? Jeans are a big deal for me—I'm 5'8, curvy, and I range between a size 14 and an 18, depending on the brand. (There seems to be little continuity in sizing. That's enough to frustrate me most days.)...more
Thank you Karen. Great information!more

Six Word Sentences: Harder Than it Looks

Have you tried to write six-word sentences? After being called wordy- lovingly, might I add- I was challenged to write less, tell more. A few years ago I would have said, "I have a bachelor's degree in English Literature ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Funny Ones

I never participated in the Wordless Wednesday blogging trend because I thought it was lazy. I mean, we're writers and you just want us to submit a photo and be done with it? I guess it's still a little lazy ....more

The Few Perks of a Dead Parent

I apologize for the crass title, but I couldn't think of any other way to write it. This is not a pity post, I have much happiness in my life. But I do have a deceased parent and have had one for most of my adulthood ....more

And the Band Played On | Writer's Block

I have started drafts for four posts... and then I saw something shiny and inspiration left me. Hopefully this will pass, because I keep writing, just haven't quite put something together that feels finished enough to publish ....more

14 Unanswered Questions in Life

Perhaps you would call them Rhetorical Questions. I call them the things that will keep you awake at 4am. And I haven't come up with a decent answer yet, but in case you want to give it a try: 1 ....more

5 Things A Stripper Taught Me

I'm talking about Life Lessons: My friend Natalie was a stripper. She was not a girl who climbed the stage at after a few too many--she did it for a living, she made decent money and she had many side businesses/projects at the same time....more