10 Things I Didn't Know Before I Got Invisible Braces

I did something I've wanted to do for 16 years, I got brace. At 30 years old. I had felt self-conscious about metal braces for work and social reasons, so I decided to get invisible braces; the ones you change every few weeks, as the plastic aligners provides persistent pressure to move your teeth ....more

6 Conversations of a Cable Representative

How many hours have you spent on the phone with your cable provider? The modem won't gain signal strength, or there is a mysterious disturbance in your area. We try not to get irrationally mad at the customer service representative - but we want answers and results ....more

Born With Our Resting Bitch Face

This post is part Throwback Thursday, part Oh What Have I Done? I got braces y'all. Invisible braces, meaning the clear kind you can pop on and off, irritate your tongue, wear for most of the day for at least a year braces ....more

Secret Life: I Live On A Boat

If you're lucky enough to escape on a boat in the warm sunshine and hot breeze of summer, you might fantasize about life on the water. Meet Varina, a woman who lives on a boat 24/7 with her family, winter or summer, and wouldn't have it any other way. Here's her Secret Life interview about the benefits and dangers: ...more

Burlesque: Why We Need More of It

A few nights back I was lucky enough to score free tickets to a burlesque show. From my limited knowledge, burlesque meant Dita Von Teese, feathers, sequins and dancing. Turns out it really means female empowerment, beauty, fun and yes, all the other stuff ....more

Monday Again: Something to Get Us Through

It's Monday. Again. It also snowed in Chicago so that glimmering hope of spring has been put on hold ....more

I Was A Misguided Kindergartener | Career Goals

When I was in kindergarten, I thought being a waitress was the coolest job on the planet. It was the career I said I longed for at my kindergarten graduation, to the entire crowd. I should really explain the context of that last statement ....more

How Does Your Weight Affect Your Sex Life?

For most adults, we've all had periods of fitness changes; we lose weight/gain muscle in the summer, we gain weight/lose tone in the winter. And whether it's five pounds or two dress sizes, how we perceive ourselves has little to do with the actual number. So, during the times of change, how was weight/fitness level affected your sex life? ...more

Survey: How Has Weight Loss/Gain Affected Your Sex Life?

Hello, a reader reached out to me via email and asked why I don't do more surveys like the ones featured in Warning Sign and Secret Stuff. My answer? I didn't know you guys wanted more ....more

Fifty Shades of Grey: Before You See The Damn Movie 2

This is part two of "Fifty Shades of Grey: Before You See The Damn Movie." Read the first part here. ...more