Overweight ...or Underloved? (How I ditched the pounds without a gym or diet)

I've been thin. I've been obese. I've been chubby, chunky, voluptuous, and curvy. I've also been everything in between. This spring, I was at my all-time high weight, 200 lbs. I ran. I lifted weights. I measured my food. I kept charts. I had weight-loss goals. I toted bags of carrots. I ate salads while everyone else ate steak. I lost weight, but not much. Currently, I am incredibly happy with my body. I am curvy. I get oggled! People tell me I've slimmed down sooo much. More importantly, I smile at myself in the mirror. ...more

I'm so glad my experience can be of use to you. Feel free to contact me with any ...more

Are You a Healer?

Over the last month, I have had 6 different ladies arrive on my doorstep. I did not go in search of them. They showed up for seemingly different reasons. Some of the women were strangers stopping to chat for a moment and stayed for hours. Others were here for a business meeting and left with a new lease on life. One thing they had in common...they were all healers and I knew it within moments. I am Lady X. I AM a healer, but that is not my main purpose. One of my great purposes in life, which I've accepted as a wonderful gift, is to guide other healers. ...more
Hi Lady x.... I'm really not sure what has drawn me to obsessively research healing lately. I ...more


Are you unhappy? Do you get angry often? Can trivial things upset you? Are you outraged by injustices? Do you find yourself criticizing others' ways of doing things? ...You may be headed for a crash. Don't worry. Noticing these things is a great step toward not only avoiding the crash, but in becoming truly happy. Here are a few women who crashed. These are true examples. I've only changed the names. ...more

Unhappy Marriage...Time to Renegotiate

Sometimes "happily ever after" becomes a husband who enjoys untold amounts of free time and a wife left to clean up the mess. We can ask politely or we can scream over a week or 8 years, but it doesn't seem to change anything for more than a few days. How did we get here? My Story: No one ever thought I was getting married. I needed too much freedom. I was by all accounts selfish and I had a nasty little habit of stringing guys along. Who knew I'd make a GREAT wife! ...more

That's a continual process for me too! It's not so bad to be a work in process, though.

I ...more

De-Stress Quickly While Still Being Productive!

This technique has worked brilliantly for myself and dozens of my friends. Plus, it's fun! It doesn't matter where your stress comes from work, family, career, money. In fact, I use this method for "all of the above". Grab something to write with and something to write on. Whatever's handy, even if it's a crayon and a paper plate. I'm going to start with a back story for you to visualize. You'll only need to do this the first time, but feel free to keep using what works. ...more

Synchronicity...Mondays Solved!

Mondays around my house begin in a rushed panic. Alarm clocks blaring, family forehead collisions, makeup mishaps that require more than a cotton swab to erase, that's Monday. Today, the curse has been broken. This morning begins in synchronicity! That's not to say that we all synchronized our watches in preparation for a heist. It's more like I've synchronized my personal rhythm with that of the Universe. Whoah, a little too heavy for a Monday. Allow me to rephrase. Synchronicity is basically the higher power's way of saying, "Great job! Keep going this way." ...more