Judge not...

I have been struck lately- like a blow to the head, really.  With how essential it is not to judge other people in the decisions they make for their lives....more

When Pain Births Beauty

It is minus 13 without the wind-chill factored in.  My bronchial tubes try to tell me it is too cold to be doing this: setting off down the winding lane for an evening skate on the river.  The frigid air bites nastily at my nose, seeps cold air deep down into my lungs. ...more

Don't Say Ain't

I REFUSE. To allow my children the usage of the word ain't in everyday conversation. So. Of course Littlest One says it as much as possible. Every time I turn around, actually. There it is. Inserted into every response, comment or answer she gives me or any other family member....more

When Gratitude is Hard

I am steering the van towards after-school destination numero deux in project “My Life as a Chauffer.”   A tired Kindergartener rides solo in the backseat, a motley assortment of grocery bags, backpacks and other odds and ends ride shotgun in the passenger side.  And all the while, Veggie Tales blares in the background.  One male, royal-ish character says to his less noble sidekick, “Do you think she’ll like me?”   To which comes the response, “She has to like you…under order of banishment or imprisonment.” ...more

This is What Valentines Day Looks Like (After 18 Years)

This is what Valentine’s Day looks like after 18 years of being together. ...more

Why Weekend Snow Storms Have Me Longing For the Work Week

Whomever.  Mistakenly claimed that ‘storm days are fun.’   Did not have the exquisite pleasure of living with a bevy of kidlets as is my distinctive delight. Two storm days back-to-back, and I am more exhausted and wrung out now than I was Friday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.   I now know why some animals eat their offspring.  It would at the very least be one way to keep things quiet around the den. ...more