9 Empowering Values That I (Try) To Live By

During my childhood, my family both taught and conveyed to me the importance of self-worth. These values came in handy because growing up as an African-American girl in the 1980’s, the outside world seemed to hold me in little or no esteem.  Below are the 9 values which my family instilled in me:...more
Thank you. These values keep me accountable...whether I like it or not.more

Why Dating Former Classmates Is No Longer Part Of My Plan

I have a quirky personality. My ideal date ranges from hanging out the bowling alley, attending a foreign film festival, head banging at hard rock concert, and/or a picnic on the beach followed by a leisurely stroll.Being out in the dating world can be difficult for some like me because, as one former boyfriend stated “I am a difficult woman to categorize.” After spending a few years being misunderstood, I decided to mine the ranks of former male classmates.Who better than someone already acquainted with me to appreciate the quirky aspects of my personality?...more
Thanks for the encouraging words. After the latest former classmate dating debacle, I am done ...more

Standing On The Precipice Of Single Motherhood

Right now, I am in the process of completing paperwork to become an adoptive mother of 2 little girls. I am doing a domestic adoption through the state which I currently reside. I plan to adopt older children, which has caused a few of my friends and family members to visibly balk. They have warned me that adopting older children could be very stressful because of the emotional baggage which they will bring into my life....more

An Open Letter To Pinterest Superstars

Dear Pinterest Superstars:Thank you so much for your innovative ideas and the way you always direct me to something cool and whimsical. Admittedly, I do find your super human crafting and flood plating abilities a little intimidating. There is simply no way that I will ever achieve the same level of Pinteresty perfection as you.Those handcrafted miniature train sets made out of soap must have taken you weeks to complete. In addition, the pumpkin shaped cupcakes probably took you days to perfect....more

The Pedestal

We place her on a pedestal and project qualities onto her which she may not even possess in the first place. We insist on living vicariously through her and showering her with a truckload of fervent adoration.  She will save us with her intelligence, public persona, quirky fashion sense, innovative ideas, and public persona. Until the day, she mistakenly shows us a glimpse of imperfection.  How dare she show us an iota of human frailty?From that moment on, we set our sights on yanking her off the pedestal which we have carefully constructed for her....more

Dating a Man Whom Has Not Fully Processed His Divorce

I learned the art of dating a single dad through good ‘ol trial and error.  I have never been married and I do not have any children. However, I grew up in a divorced household so I experienced it from the perspective of child. Naively, I thought that having such a perspective would be adequate to get me through the minefield of dating a single dad....more

5 Ways to Break Your Own Heart

Sometimes, you can break your own better than anyone else.   I learned from experience that there is an art to sabotaging your chances for authentic love.  Below are some classic moves which you can employ to keep yourself  perpetually heartbroken: 1....more

Why I Am Not Hanging Out in Haremsville....

Back in the day, I was an unwitting member of a campus harem. After I found out about Mr. Lothario's extracurricular activities, I  informed him that he would have to find a replacement for me as I had too much dignity and self worth to kick it in Haremsville. I remember how easy it was to leave that BS behind and I was only 20 years old at the time. Now, that I am in my late 30's, I still am not the ideal candidate for Haremsville....more

Embracing Our Unique Beauty

We all possess our own unique beauty, no matter our race or ethnicity.  However, it is up to us to bring it out. Let's celebrate our full hips and backsides by swathing them in a soft figure skimming fabric.  We can wrap a nice pashmina around our less-than-toned arms and rock it like we own the runway. It's never too late to embrace our wild and crazy hair with a...more

Pizza Omelet

This morning I decided to walk on the wild side with my egg white omelet. I added chopped white mushrooms into  a bowl with lemon juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and black pepper. Then, I poured the contents of the bowl into the omelet pan. Afterwards, I crumbled up bits of asiago cheese and added a couple of slice of pepperoni....more