Putting the Social in Social Media

Is technology impairing our ability to write?  Probably not, even though communication boundaries have clearly shifted.  Language, after all, is a socially constructed and continually negotiated aspect of culture. People have long wanted to believe that computers have had a significant impact on writing skills, almost since the first pc came online, although there has been no evidence to support such a claim. ...more

Old School, New School, No School

    In working with college students, I have always found it interesting to note what to them constitutes writing.  Their ideas on this topic can be somewhat old school....more

Next Stop: The Intersection of Plagiarism and Social Media

  There are signs all around us that things are changing: gas prices dropping, leaves falling from trees, new technologic accoutrements being released daily, and celebrities disappearing from reality TV shows as quickly as you can say, "Dancing With the Stars." ...more