Kids dying in hot cars: carelessness or premeditated murder?

How is it, that in America, in 2015 babies and pets are still dying in hot cars?  Every few days I see, either on the news or in my FB newsfeed, that another baby has died, because they were carelessly left in a hot car, on a hot day, for any amount of time.  This is grossly becoming an epidemic of mind boggling proportion.  In this day and age of technology, word of mouth, and fire station signs that warn people everyday the fatal consequences of leaving babies/pets in the car....more

Finding logic through tragedy. CAUTION: OPINION POST!

First off, let me say this;Hi, it's been awhile, I know.  Been busy with the kid and life and and and.....So, since this is my first post in quite a while, I figured that I would make it a controversial one.  You now me.Second, let me say this;...more

Thanks Pt. 1

It seems as though everyone is doing a '30 days of Thanks', and I got to thinking, I'm pretty thankful for a lot of things, and then I thought, 'are you actually going to remember to sit down are write it out everyday', then I though 'ummm, no'.  ...more

What I've been up to. Pt. 1

Over the last six weeks, my life, has drastically changed.  Some changes good, some bad, some really bad....more
Money can be a sticky subject but if you can find common ground it makes a big difference in ...more

Sweet sixteen and still hurting.

Today is my sons birthday.  He's a sweet sixteener and he's never been kissed, at least not by someone that wasn't related to him anyways.  ...more
It must be such a difficult day for you. I can't even imagine the pain in your heart that you ...more

Bye bye fried hair.

Some of you may know my obsession with changing my hair color.  If not here's a rundown of my hairs life.  I honestly can't believe that I have any left.  While complaining about the way my hair felt one day, my friend KT's sister recommended I try Moroccan Oil  to help....more
thanks for the tip, I will locate this stuff ASAP :)more

Surviving the layoff. Week one.

This week has been pretty weird.  The dude is off work for the next 4-6 weeks because of a lay-off, and it's just weird having him home.  He's always been a workaholic.  Our son was born at 6:05 AM, and before I even got my legs outta the stir-ups, he's telling me "I'm already 20 minutes late for work, so can I go now?".  I know, right?  But in his mind, we just had a baby and he's gotta go make that money to feed him....more
Best of Luck! I hope the tips are really good :)more

How did your horse get so high?

While going through my email this morning, I came across a email from, blah blah blah, with a question that I hear all the time. I decided to jump over to the site and check out some of the answers and one woman's answer really disturbed me. Well to be fair, it was really only a sentence and that was, "Who wants someone making minimum wage raising their children?".Whoa!Back it up!...more
As a nanny of 12 years, I would never take a job at minimum wage and I wouldn't want someone ...more

Sex Talk: Eighteen Year Itch?

For the past few months, even before the threat of lay-offs loomed, she started noticing that even though they spend the same amount of time together, less and less of it is devoted to intimacy. How do we deal with a marriage in which sex and passion start going the way of the dodo? ...more
That what starts to happen as a marriage falls apart. At 20 years the sex is non-existent. I ...more

A Mother Defends 'Child-Free' Havens

I have read a few blogs/articles/statuses about the whole "child free" events, restaurants, stores, even housing complexes that are going "kid free".  Meaning that they either have kid free hours or they just don't allow the little ankle bracelets.  Of the things I've read about it, I find that it's being chastised by many, many people.  Why?   ...more
Is it just me, or is there less heat towards this idea because it is being discussed by a person ...more