The Politics of Apps

There is increased attention on children’s online privacy, especially as it relates to mobile apps. What are the key issues, and what does all of this mean for app developers and parents? This article outlines my observations after a two-day session on Capitol Hill discussing children’s privacy. At this point, there are more questions than answers....more

Writing an iTunes App Description

Getting an app out the door can be a mad dash to the finish. After the beta testing, bug fixing, and feature decisions have taken place – the creator of the app is faced with the next step: uploading the app to iTunes Connect and filling out the metadata for the iTunes App Description....more

Highlights of BlogHer10

I'm writing this summary fresh from the closing remarks at BlogHer10, New York City. After two days of conferencing with 2400 women, this is what stands out in my notebook and on my mind: What is your goal? ...more

Downsizing Supermom

Have you noticed the Mom Mania that's been going around the past few years? People and brand identities centered around the concept of mom, mama, or motherhood?...more

Top Ten Parenting Principles That Keep Me Sane!

With over 2200 bedtimes under my belt, here are some parenting principles that rise to the top. (Note: these are not guaranteed, and will probably implode during the teenage years...)1. Show your children that you love them, at eye level, with eye contact, and with lots of hugs and affection....more

Our Children Can Learn from this Ocean Adventure

It's historic, adventuresome, exhilarating, and requires swift skill and navigation. It takes place in unbiased and merciless territory. And it's really, really fun - especially when you have access to someone else's boat and crew....more

Tips on Traveling With Kids

One summer. Two kids. Four road trips. Eight airplane rides. This is what I learned:ARMIES MARCH ON THEIR STOMACHS: Bring healthy snacks along, everywhere. Airlines don't offer complimentary food, and children are hungry often. Come prepared. (You may feel like a dork, but visiting the grocery store as soon as you arrive can do wonders for the rest of your trip.)FLIGHT DELAYS: Remember to check your flight status before heading to the airport. In all of the chaos of getting the family ready, this is a basic travel rule that you don't want to miss. ...more

These are some great tips!  I recently posted some tips about an easy way to pack for ...more

Is Your Family Vacation...Kid-Friendly?

During our last family trip of the summer, I had a blast listening to what made my kids excited and happy about traveling. I've concluded that while grownups might be interested in sightseeing, kids are much more interested in sightdoing. Here are some translations between the vacation priorities of kids and adults that I've come up with... Adult: beautiful beachesChild: sand castles, shell collections, beach swings Adult: local culture ...more

We've traveled 18 states with our girls. The key, finding a "kid stop" every day. ...more

10 Ways to Improve My Blog - from BlogHer09

Thanks to all of the great bloggers and panelists that filled my head with creative energy at BlogHer09. Here is a summary of what this newbie blogger is taking away: 1. Google doesn’t care about cute titles.2. My work is not over when I press PUBLISH. Use social networks.3. Spread the word with my local audience back home.4. Fear is silly. 5. I get what I give. If I think it’s all about me, I’ll end up all alone.6. Know what I want to be when I grow up – develop a plan for the blog! ...more

Good tips to have in mind when dealing the blogosphere =)


-Jeanette ...more

Surfing Safari, Family Style

I grew up with a brother who surfed, and then I married a surfer. Those of you who are surfers, or are familiar with them, realize the significance of surfing conditions and how those correlate to moods. High quantity and quality conditions basically means that folks are stoked. Enter the annual (or sometimes bi-annual) surf trip. Dad globetrots to catch waves, and Mom stays at home to catch toddlers. We can improve this, I know we can. ...more