Five Cell-Free Zones To Keep Family Life Centered

I’ve been happy with the balance we’ve found so far with kids, technology and family life. In analyzing our family’s habits, I noticed five daily routines that keep conversations flowing and cell phones in their place. Do you notice similar habits? Let’s drill down:...more

How to Bring Your Blog Back to Life After a Long Break

I started blogging in 2009 and published steadily for five years. Between 2014 and 2015 I took a year-long hiatus from posting on one particular blog. Now I'm focused on getting that site back on track. One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is its inherent flexibility when life happens. Likewise, when life eases up, blogging is a great way to reconnect. If you've experienced a similar situation it would be great to compare notes. This post discusses the steps I am taking to relaunch my blog. ...more

Am I Too Self-Conscious For Facebook?

I'm having issues with Facebook. What should be an excellent tool for publicizing new blog posts is instead an environment where I rarely feel comfortable speaking. I realized this the other day in one of my Facebook groups. While everyone else publishes new blog posts to their Facebook channels, I can barely write a simple comment without deleting it. What's wrong with me? ...more
I try to steer clear of the Big Three – politics, religion, and the Great Pumpkin. :)more

Your Guide to Blogging on Medium

If you regularly read articles on the Internet, chances are that you've come across a post published on Medium. I view Medium as a long form adaptation of social media for people with a lot to say. Will Medium replace traditional blogs one day, or will it enable bloggers to embrace another form of publishing and syndication? I'd like to think it strengthens traditional blogs by providing new outlets for content. ...more
Hi alexandraRS, Medium's main functions are accessed from a drop down menu from your profile ...more

A Key Side Benefit To The Imbalanced Life

It’s a new year, with many resolution-focused messages centered on life balance. It’s inevitable that as lives get busier, a major hurdle becomes finding the tools that help us live life in balance. But one thing I’d like to remember during the quest for balance is the value my life gains in times of chaos:...more

3 Lessons I Learned About Online Privacy When My Teen Googled Her Name

When my daughter Googled her name following a conversation with friends about who is on the Internet, I turned out to be her biggest online privacy problem. The results of the name search displayed several photos from my personal blog that we thought were labeled anonymously. Uh oh. ...more
MothersCircle Leah, I'm so glad you weighed in and mentioned your hard work on this topic. I ...more

Build Family Slideshows with iPhone and Apple TV

Our family was busy making memories over winter break. Many of these memories were captured on iPhone Camera Rolls in a blend of colorful photos and whimsical videos. Wouldn’t it be a shame for another year to go by without a soul enjoying the footage?Thanks to tech tips from our tweens and the latest Apple technologies, we have modern tools to build slideshows in a flash. Here are five simple suggestions for creating and displaying your family’s content:...more

Waited Too Late? You Can Gift Apps for the Holidays

So you waited until last minute to get a gift or the person lives far away or you just haven't found that perfect... so what about apps? With millions of apps in the mobile marketplace, chances are likely that a specific interest can be matched to a specific app. Gifting apps for the holidays is a way to deliver thoughtful and contemporary content to friends and colleagues. Do you have a favorite app that enhances your daily life? How about gifting it for your best friend? Ideal for simple and tailored seasonal giving, apps can be sent directly to the recipient. Let's review how it's done. ...more

Make Holiday Shopping Merry and Easy With These 5 Apps

It's almost time to put the phone in elf mode and get ready for the holiday shopping season. Here are five apps for managing the holidays from the palm of your hand, starting on Friday. ...more

5 Reasons LinkedIn is a Great App for Moms

Many mothers who spend time raising children also spend time making valuable contributions to their communities. Chances are, you know a mom who has produced a school play, organized a fundraising event, or volunteered for a youth activity. Add them up and these efforts demonstrate translatable skills for a resume. ...more
AngelBalichowski I'm thankful this post gave you some ideas about adding online courses to your ...more