To new beginnings!

I love writing about my life. This blog has been an outlet for me for the past twelve years. Writing about the things inside my head has helped me work through so many crazy times, particularly while our two sets of twins were babies, and while we were trying to figure out Pablo’s autism diagnosis. It’s time for me to move on, and write somewhere else. I owe it to my children, who are growing up, and don’t particularly want ...more

The Fresh Beat Band Live!

On Sunday, I took the girls out for a little mommy-girlie date. Look at their excited faces: ...more

The Fresh Beat Band Live!

On Sunday, I took the girls out for a little mommy-girlie date. Look at their excited faces: ...more

Wrong side of history.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks, Debbie. P.S. I’m voting today! ...more

Kids and Phones.

comic courtesy The Doghouse Diaries ...more

Zombie Crawl

I am still scrubbing fake blood out of my nails from doing Kayley’s and Shelby’s makeup yesterday! Yet another Zombie Crawl I didn’t actually get to attend – oh well, the teenagers make cuter zombies anyway! ...more

Party Planning Infographic – the perfect kid’s party!

The Social Media-Savvy Mom’s Guide to Party Planning, right here…spelling it all out for ya! I have found so many fabulous ideas for kids’ parties online. Pinterest has turned out to be the muse for creative moms all across the internet lands, it seems like. When my twin girls had their birthday party early this year, we did a fun photobooth with props, based on an idea I found online. It was a huge hit. Here are some great tips ....more

The Fresh Beat Band – Coming to Denver!

Ooooh, something fun! I love these live shows almost as much as my kids do. Seeing their little faces is actually the best part for me, though! Here’s a great show coming to town, and at a great venue – The Fresh Beat Band Live in Concert is coming to the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO on November 4, 2012 at 6:00 PM ....more

Halloween Fun with Steve Spangler Science

I don’t usually drag my hubby along to blogging events, because, to be quite honest, he doesn’t really GET social media. He may not be a blogger, but he is a huge Halloween enthusiast, as our friends and neighbors can attest to ....more

Five little things.

Now that Kayley has her license and the little ones take the school bus, it feels like I never leave my house. I don’t mind it a bit, except that it feels like we are always out of about fifty things, since I’m not running into the store every day. I went to breakfast with some of my favorite people at Snooze a couple of weeks ago, and our waitress was so freaking adorable. She had the cutest haircut ...more