31 Days to Less Clutter and More Peace: Make an Action Plan

I am a minimalist at heart. I like every surface to be as empty as possible. I like drawers to be neat and organized instead of crammed with stuff ....more

A Place for Everything: 31 Days of Less Clutter and More Peace

My word of the year this year is PEACE. I started off strong, as I usually do, but by the time I was in rehearsals for the opera I performed in earlier this year, I lost my focus.I don't love to admit just how much I lost my focus, either. But that is the truth.I tried hard to relax this summer and not let myself get over-anxious about things that truly don't matter in the end ....more

Choosing a Planner That is Right for You

Even amidst all of the electronic technology out there, people still love and use their paper planners.I am one of those people.I have tried to go all electronic, and as soon as I do, my life falls apart. I'm just no good at planning for things when all I can see are small entries on my tiny phone. And I'm terrible at keeping my Google calendar updated ....more

Indian Summer

It was a LONG Sunday. Having a bit of dessert just before bed. I'm not gonna lie, This has been a difficult week.Late last Sunday night, we received word that our sweet nephew had taken his life earlier that evening ....more

Do-it-yourself Cheetah Mug--Easy Craft for Kids

Sophia, my 8-year-old daughter, is obsessed with all things cheetah. 95% of her wardrobe features cheetah print, her lunchbox and backpack are cheetah print, she recently checked a book out of the library all about cheetahs, and I'm pretty sure that she wants to actually be a cheetah when she grows up. So, naturally, when she complained about not having a big enough mug for hot chocolate last winter, I thought it would be fun for her to have a cheetah-print mug of her very own ....more

How to Save Money by Shopping from Your Own Closet

Summers are always a lot leaner around here financially. It usually works out just fine, but by the end of summer our budget has been stretched so far that back-to-school shopping usually has to wait until a few weeks after school (and the larger paychecks) start. That is why I didn't take the girls shopping for new school clothes until just last weekend.As a high school freshman, Bria is starting to be really interested in fashion ....more

DIY Cheshire Cat Costume

Last Halloween, my girls did an Alice in Wonderland theme....more

Road Trip Weekend

This photo was taken at a Wendy's in Green Bay before we headed back home after Stake Conference. Yes, Sophia is wearing her pajamas. She planned on napping in the car, and nap she did! ...more

Halloween Mantel and Tulle Wreath

You guys, it's the middle of September and I have not yet decorated my house for fall! And I'm thinking I might just skip the fall decor all together and move straight to Halloween! ...more

Gluten-free Made Easy

I'm excited to be reviewing another gluten-free cookbook today: Gluten-Free Made Easy by Christi Silbaugh and Michele Vilseck. It is chock full of delicious-looking recipes, as well as tips and tricks to make converting your kitchen to gluten-free much easier.I'm always looking for good gluten-free muffins to put in the girls' school lunches, and there was a particularly yummy looking recipe in the book for Apple Cinnamon Streusel Muffins. So perfect for the fall weather we are beginning to have!Bria made them all herself, and while I think she may not have put enough of the dry ingredients into the streusel topping, they still turned out very tasty ....more