Sleep Training a Jerk Russell

I've been so tired lately. The last time I got a good night's sleep was...let's see...3 weeks ago? 4? ...more

Sad Jack Russell

Pica has been dreaming about the posh new bed she's going to win, leaving her nights on the cold, hard floor behind her. What a mean mom and dad she has! ;) Our little troublemaker is behind in the competition though ....more

Caption Contest!

You know how cute it is when you come downstairs and find your husband asleep on the couch? Mine truly believes in sharing everything 50/50. "Move over, Dad." Have a better caption? ...more

Open Shelf Decorating Ideas: Sand and Sprinkles

Open shelves and glass cabinet doors are popular right now, but the stress of keeping them tidy can be a deal breaker. A great solution is to create a display that won't change often. Think fine china instead of everyday dinnerware ....more

Chicken Curry Ramen Noodles Recipe

*Be sure to also check out my Cheesy Chicken Ramen recipe, which is a spin on macaroni and cheese. Yum! Let me start this post with a confession ....more

Construction Week 4 - Muuuch Better!

Remember all those terrible rocks I told you about? Well, right after my last construction post, we stopped having to worry about digging up giant sandstone boulders. Because once we got through all that annoying, expensive sandstone... ...we hit a solid sheet of GRANITE ....more

Sexy Nerd Quote Of The Day

"I'm going to beat you with this frozen loaf." Muttered after I finished the last slice of thawed bread and didn't take a loaf out of the freezer. Yeah, he looks like a nice guy, but mess with his stockpile of bread and you'll incur the wrath of Sexy Nerd! *I'm a bit worried that someone is going to read this and email me information on women's shelters ....more

Good Deed Gone Awry

I've been having a lazy holiday weekend and haven't left the house since Thursday. Heck, I've barely even changed out of my pajamas. As you may recall, Sexy Nerd has no respect for a lazy, pajama-wearing afternoon (especially not when that afternoon stretches into 3 consecutive days) so he ditched me to go sort through rocks on our lot ....more

Bad News! Construction Weeks 2 and 3

Everything went so smoothly during our first week of construction, clearing trees and dirt faster than we'd imagined, that we began to expect the entire process would be much easier than everyone had said. People have been voicing their concerns to us ever since we purchased our lot. Clearly, though, everyone else was wrong ....more

Will We Live Long Enough to See Our Dream Home Finished?

Or will we kill each other in the process? Last night was a lazy night, as was the night before. Every day and night has been lazy, with the exception of me researching tubs for our guest suite, which Sexy Nerd took no part in ....more