Mind-Blowing Facts about Coffee You May Have Never Heard of

The sight of a cup of coffee, anytime of the day is one thing that makes a majority of people happy. And why not? A cup of coffee is the best refreshment to have after a long day in the office, a tiresome day in school or even a boring day at home. Without doubt coffee is one of the most favorite things man has ever discovered....more

How to be Safe While Travelling to the World’s Nook and Corner

What is it like to travel to every corner of the Earth? The very thought of travelling the world would make you go mad with excitement. But there are few people around who may not dare to go to adventurous places. They think it is unsafe or it could get them into trouble.Well, that isn’t true. After all, the world isn’t such an unsafe place to live in. All you need to do is get your preparations right, do your homework and start moving only when you are absolutely ready.Here are some great recommendations before you travel far and wide....more

E-Cigarettes during Pregnancy: A Good Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes?

Pregnancy is a great time and opportunity to try and control your smoking habits. The harmful effects of smoking especially during pregnancy, is obvious. But stopping this habit is not easy, as seen in the case of many pregnant women. Not that they do not care for their yet-to-come babies or their own health during pregnancy. It’s just that the magic of nicotine is overpowering their willpower....more

The Most Comprehensive Weight Loss Plans – By Diet Experts

As the saying goes on, “The worst thing about dieting is, well, dieting itself,” and they couldn’t have been more right! Ask anyone who has been trying to shed those extra pounds and they’ll vouch for you that weight loss regimes and diet plans are more demanding and physically exhausting than anything they have done....more

6 Best Alternative Sports for Women Athletes' Fitness

Sports does not build your character, it reveals it, says Heywood Broun, an American journalist. Sports is the microcosm of the society, says Billie Jean King, a former American tennis player. Many such quotes, many definitions, many views and ideas, sports is simply a wonderful thing, no matter whether you just watch it or take part....more

Effective Ways to minimize the differences between an Online Class and a Real-time Class Room

The introduction of the virtual world started with a couple of codes. Later, people were able to access default websites and the concept of search engine was unknown. Today, internet has grown to leaps and bounds. It is not only a source that provides information, but is also an effective platform for businesses, marketing, social networking and even for education. E-education is becoming a boon to many. It is a preferred option for those who don’t have the budget to go for regular classes or for those who hold full-time jobs....more

Is Art the Ultimate Motivator of Mankind?

Art probably is one of the single best religions that unifies all followers around it. It is also one of those few things in life that has a variety of meaning and understanding. Another distinctive feature of any art is the fact that it is respected and admired by one and all irrespective of whether or not he is a loyal to it....more