Career Happiness

Are you happy with your career?Do you know how to find a career that complements your lifestyle?...more

Diversify Your Career and Involve Your Daughter

What’s wrong with a career adventure in mid-life?What’s wrong with mentoring your daughter for a adventurous career?Career adventures begin with knowledge....more

Organizational Survival vs. Employee Loyalty

The conversation of "Organizational Survival vs. Employee Loyalty” keeps coming up with the “Millennial generation” students, moms I hang out with, and even my own “Millennial” children.  Listening to their concerns, fears, and solutions makes for an interesting conversation. ...more

The Problem is with Women NOT Political Parties

Trillions and Trillions of dollarsAre you a stay-at-home mom trying to run a household?Are you a small woman business owner trying figure out how to stay in business?Are you a working mom trying to make ends meet?Are you a single woman trying figure out how you’re going to make it?Don’t worry if you are you’re not alone but you may be the ‘root cause of your own problems’....more
If you are going to point your self-righteous finger at women back it up with cold hard facts! I ...more

Women’s Rights under the 2nd Amendment & Politicians

Daughter murdered, mother grieving. Could this be a news headline in your ‘ALL American ‘neighborhood? Mother states she didn’t have the right to protect her family with any means possible.Could this statement ever really be made?...more

Rape, Life, Guns & Politicians

What is this? “A Colorado legislator stated Monday that women in college should not carry guns to protect themselves from sexual assault, because they may prematurely shoot harmless men they “feel” are dangerous” ~ Campus Rape Victim Amanda Collins Responds to Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar   - Really???...more

The Business of a Government Shut Down – 'The Sky is Falling'!!!

'The sky is falling, the sky is falling'!...more

The Republican Party & American Women

The ‘Labeling’ of American Women - What’s my ‘Label’ today?If I’m an American Woman and a registered Republican or I want to join the Republican party;Do I have to ‘LABEL’ myself as a Republican, Moderate Republican or Conservative Republican? How do American women get accepted by Karl Rove, Jim DeMit, and Senator Rand Paul and Grassroots/Tea Party leaders?What the heck is going on?Let’s take a sneak peek at some of today’s movers and shakers trying to influence the Republican Party and American women;...more

US Job Market, Women, Gender Issues & Politicians

Gender issues still exist in US workforce  – Really? What really defines the ‘gender issues’ in the United States?PoliticiansEquality in payLow-wage workersJob status – FT vs. PTSingle women with childrenMarried couples work and economic statusGender issues with race issuesCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Ask yourself;...more

What every American Woman needs to hear – “PC Police out in force all the time” Carson – Critical issues for success…

What every American Woman needs to hear. Why are American children NOT succeeding?Why are women still talking about the same issues today as 40 years ago?Why are we NOT succeeding in the Global Business Market?Sometimes it takes a little openness to listen to someone else’s ideas but at times it takes ‘Active Listening’ and willingness to learn to create changes.Dr. Benjamin Carson Epic Full Speech at National Prayer Breakfast -...more