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Last night I wrote, ...more

Waking Life

The summer’s end is near. Soon enough we’ll be layering scarves, lacing boots and lighting fires, and the deep, languid warmth of August will be a distant, albeit enjoyable, memory. The imminence of fall enveloped me last week  with a cool, sweeping breeze blowing over the beach at dusk. Dusk - it's my favorite time of day when the descent of the sun seems to muffle discontent and shrouds the city in a lush, glimmering light. If in the hours of midnight are a true reflection of self, then dusk is escapism at its best, both indulgent and compassionate....more

A Summer Must: Stay, by Allie Larkin

Hungering for More

“Security isn’t what I hunger for. I hunger for change. I hunger for connection. I hunger for good sex.”...more

Shining in the Darkness

A few bloggers I follow (Maria Niles, Rita Arens, and Blondie) have each posted lists of five things they meant to do in 2009....more

Divorced for the Holidays: I Can Do This, Right?

I've been on my own for a year now. Partner-less but child-full, and the changes ebb and flow. Some days I recognize and greet the woman I've become like the long lost friend she is; other days, I weep at the emptiness when my reflection is a stranger. My mind is over-saturated, seeping with hope and fear, with love and loneliness. My mother warned me about the loneliness. You can't anticipate it, she said. She was right; when it hits, its acuity is piercing.  And with the holidays upon us, it is hitting a bit too frequently. ...more


The space between is midnight and dawn is a hushed one. Dark, yet luminous. Isolated, yet intimate. Welcomed, at times, yet dreaded at others. Much of my time is spent in this space where I think and cry and some parts of me die and others grow....more

The Post-Divorce Post

I don’t know where to start. Writing this is like trying to use a garden edger after it was left out in the rain. My page -my fingers - rusty with corrosion. The last couple of months I’ve ricocheted between despondency and sadness and liberation and resuscitation, never settling on one for too long. And I couldn’t blog about it. The one time I needed words to minister to my emotional ailments most, they wouldn’t come. So many nights, I crawled into bed, logged onto my site, and tried painstakingly to record what was going on inside. Nothing. Over and over again, there was nothing. ...more

Authenticity is what it is all about for me, Wilma. I do feel one step closer. Since I wrote ...more

I Wore Red Today ; Did You?

“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.” -Audre Lorde   ...more