Waving the white flag

I surrender.  I cannot keep up this blog as I intended when I opened the account.  However, I do like reading other BlogHer writers, so I'll keep doing that :-)  Oh, and I'll toss in an occasional post of my own too.  Like this one!...more

I made a cool hat today!

Complete with pom-pons, I give you a post about my new hat!Go check out Larabug23's Knitting Blog  Show some love and I'll send you the hat pattern!...more

When the cat's away...

The husband is on day 2 of his 10 day trip to New Orleans.  I really miss him, but I'm having a great time by myself! So far I have: gone grocery shopping, fed my musical soul at a choir retreat, washed (and put away) the dishes, babysat a cute 10 month old, gone to church, updated my work calendar, balanced the books for my business, gone to BodySTEP, made a fabulous tomato sauce, and ate said sauce over spaghetti accompanied with a caesar salad and glass of red wine. Whew!...more


The common evening activity at my house is watching late night TV.  I get home around 8 most evenings, and then we have dinner and watch late night shows.  Tonight the routine is made better with the addition of a Belgian style Trippel ale and some excellent cheese....more

How Long is the Drive???

The debate of the week is if we should drive to Texas in one day or two.  There are two of us, and it is 20 hours.  I think we should leave Friday afternoon, get to Kansas City, and then finish out on Saturday.  The husband thinks we should leave very early Saturday and get to Texas around one in the morning on Sunday.  What do you think?...more

Snowed in!

I'm having a sleep-over with some really good friends tonight because the MN snomageddon 2 has left the husband and me stranded!  We're less than 2 miles from home, but there's no getting out of where we are parked.  Hopefully we can get to where we need to be tomorrow!...more

Good Friends, Good Night!

The Husband and I were invited to have dinner with good friends tonight.  K made amazing Spanish chicken with Olives, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and other veggies.  We brought a salad and some of our Oregon Pinot Noir.  D provided the husband with ample science nerd conversation, while K and I talked shop about teaching and music.  Girl Scout cookies and coffee finished off the evening.  Now I'm headed to sleep since I have to work a full day tomorrow.  I must resolve to blog earlier in the day!...more

Baby Steps

Today I bought running shoes.  Ok, so I bought the sale price Filas and not a pair of customized running store shoes, but still... I BOUGHT RUNNING SHOES! ...more

No Time Tonight

Not writing a long post so I can spend some quality time with the husband.  There will be a quality time post soon, I love talking about the 5 Love Languages!...more

Hope the 'we' time was good. It's nice to spend time focusing on someone else :-)more


Scene from my marriage.Setting: Living room.  Husband is laying on the couch sniffling, I am in the recliner with the laptop.  Husband sneezes, blows nose.  He throws the tissue across the room and it lands on the remote. Husband: I just wanted to make sure that I completely infected the remote.  It wasn't enough to sneeze then hold the remote.  Maybe I should just open the tissue and rub it around on the remote. Me: Nothing says love like sharing germs!End scene....more

One of my moms all time favorite sayings to me & my sibs growing up: "sharing is caring"! Thanks ...more