New Year's To-DO-List

All the hype around this time of year is what will your New Year's Resolution be?? Well I don't really like New Year's Resolutions because I never follow through with them. I do however, live by a To-Do-List. I always seem to check things off one by one and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. So this year I thought why not continue to do what seems to actually work for me. I am going to make a New Year's To-Do-List! Some things will need to be done on a daily basis but some are just things that will need to happen once. -Spend more time with Jesus daily...more

Another Year has Come and Gone

It is crazy to think that yet another year has flown by. I used to remember my parents along with other adults tell me to live it up while you can because time will fly by. Boy were they right. I am now on my third year of being out of college. Only one more year (2014) until my 10 year class reunion. CRAZY. 2012 has been a year that I will always remember. There are some years that some things stick out but this year there were so many HUGE changes I don't know how I can ever forget it. ...more

Teriffic Thursday

Today is the 2nd post for Terrific Thursday!! It's funny to me how from week to week the things we are using the most change. Yes I am still using many of the items I posted last week however, I am in major need of some of the items from today. With that being said let me get started with the goodies that I am in LOVE with this week! ...more

Terrific Thursday's

I am going to start a new Thursday tradition ...TERRIFIC THURSDAY'S! I will post my can't live without items/things for the week. There are so many things that I use on a day-today basis that I could post however, some weeks there are certain items that stick out more than others. One thing that drives me crazy is when I tell someone I like something they have and they won't share the vital information of where they got it. So no worries, I will be spilling the beans! Why would I not want you to try something out that I think it AMAZING?? ...more

Time to think

As I have mentioned in previous post I took a new job in October with PEAK Campus. To say I LOVE it is an understatement. I have amazing people surrounding me on a daily basis. It is so nice to love going to work, feel encouraged, and know that people are proud that you are on their team! With my job comes a lot of travel. Traveling is fine with me minus the being worn out when you get home. In two and a half months I have already been to 6 different states! I realized on my flight the other day back from Baton Rouge that this is the time that I am always asking for.....TIME TO THINK!...more