Poopid Spoon

       Oh boy.  What a doosie was today.  I put some new screens in the windows (to keep the flies in, of course).  That felt great.  I was hammering and making like the Amazonian window-queen, just doin' my thang.    Now, I'm also car-hunting and calling around asking all those requisite car-questions and simultaneously attempting to keep the boys from doing wacky things like:...more

Creativity and Motherhood...Put this in yer basket and balance it!!

       I get into an involuntary artsy mode fairly regularly, and I just have to make stuff or I'm a royal grouch.  Usually it's music... I see the same phenomenon in my eldest child and only daughter.  We apparently have an inexplicable, hardwired emotive-compulsion that comes on ragin' of its own accord and we have to get crackin'.     My own mother was uber supportive in wonderful ways (both great and small) when I clicked into this creative gear as a little girl.  Anecdotal dialogue example:...more

The Main Characters

Big bag of flour + 2 little boys and a kitten = Towel-mop dancing and goo-feet. To the 3rd power, Y'all.

Let's be honest. There are moments that I must diligently endeavor to take out of context in order to maintain.  Examples? ...more