Savoring the Little Moments

Savoring the Little MomentsOften I will ask my husband what was his favorite part of his day. Usually I will ask this if we have done something’s fun and exciting like a day trip. But each day there are moments that are enjoyable. Often we look for the BIG moments and forget to savor the little moments.Moments I’ve enjoyed this week with my spouse:1-   Watching Top Chef together after the baby was in bed....more

Have I married the right person ?

Each of us has our circles; these circle change as we change. Some of those people drift with you throughout life and some stay behind. So my current circle is my “married mommies circle.” We have things in common, things we can laugh at, as well as things we can encourage one another on.I brought up that I now have a blog on marriage & relationships....more

A Loving Lasting Marriage

A Loving Lasting Marriage2012- My love story began 12 years ago in 2000. I would have never thought that I would still be so in “Love” but I am! Now our love has grown into a marriage and a family. As this year began and the clock struck 12 couples shared their first kiss of the year. At the same time I saw those who were alone on T.V. or saw their posts on Facebook that they are single and looking for love this year or even that they have given up on love....more