I'm Good at Reality TV

I am forever stuck in my teenage years.(Actually, I’m not…and thank GOD for that.  Cause, that was some serious, serious crap.)But, in the way that I love MTV reality shows – particularly The Challenge – I am still a teenager.To prove it, this year I’ve joined a fantasy leauge to make it even better…if that’s even possible....more

Bogging is hard, mkay?

Oh Lord…8 more days of posts to write.  8 more days of funny to bring.  8 more days of ideas to squeeze out of my mind....more
Love it! It's not that blogging is a chore, exactly, but it is always on my to do list, and ...more

I'm Free!

I’m free!  I’m free!  I’m free!I’m smack dab in the middle of a kid-free weekend and I’m loving it.  I love my babies to pieces, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t had a full 48 hours of plain old “vacation” time with just my husband sense maybe they were babies....more

Bedtime Schmedtime

I had a really long meeting that didn’t get me home until after 9.  When I arrived my brood was all upstairs – a good sign, hopefully, that they were winding down and almost ready for bed.  Not quite though, as Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 was wrapping up in my bedroom.  {Thank the lord I didn’t have to endure all of that a second time around.}...more

The Golden Retriever of my dreams

When I was a little lass of 5 or so, our family had a beautiful Golden Retriever named Ginger.  She was my best friend.  I thought she was my personal playmate.  I have distinct memories of dressing up in my most awesome solid gold dancer outfit (don’t be jealous) and riding her around the house as if she were a magestic horse.  She would try to buck me off and I would hold on for my life and get rewarded with a free ride to the kitchen.  It was the stuff of dreams. ...more

10, 9, 8, oh crap

I’ve got about 10 minutes to post in order to beat the NaBloPoMo deadline.  Will I make it!?I can’t think of a topic.  (Hence why I took so long.)tick….9I post to twitter.  “Someone save me!”  Kristen throws me a life line…”Do a tick tock theme.”  (Someone remind me to buy some of her cookies or something.)tock….8...more


I go back and forth with my daughter often on how she isn’t always right about everything. Once a day, at a minimum I’d say.It’s really freaking annoying, actually. The girl is as stubborn as the day is long. She could be disproved emphatically, yet will still never, ever, admit to it. Or, for that matter, even admit that there is a possibility that she may be wrong. It’s infuriating, to say the least.Me: “Hey look, that cloud looks like a whale.”Her: “No it doesn’t.”Me: “Um, okay. It does to me.”Her: “Your wrong. It’s a dolphin.”...more

Warm. Drunk. On a beach.

I belong to a site that sends you daily health challenges – called Daily Challenge, oddly enough.Today’s daily challenge is to picture yourself three months from now and to write down three words that describe you at that time. The idea is to form your “better you” goals a little more and to give yourself motivation to get to those goals. ...more

I was so hideous then

My husband recently found a picture of me from college and put it on the fridge.  (Yeah, I don’t know why he did that. Don’t ask questions that have no answer.)  It makes me feel a little verklempt to say that this picture was probably dated well over a dozen years ago.  Screech.What the what?!Okay, that’s a whole ‘nother post.So not the point.UGH.Moving on.Ok. Deep breath.  Anyway, my youngest daughter was looking at it today and then turned to me and admitted that she thought it was…wait for it…...more

Sharing Thoughts #NaBloPoMo

I have come to realize that I like to blog to share my thoughts.  (It’s a simple idea, I know.  But stick with me…)...more