Foster. Adopt. Rescue. Euthanize?

 Fare. What's the cost? What is the fare for a child living among dogs in society today? ...more

Pet vs Person

There is this concerning issue that keeps being brought to my attention. Clearly it needs to be shared. For many months now, the topic of adopted pets and adopted children, and how they are often seen as the same, has followed me like a mosquito in June. The big fellas, you know, the loud high pitched sound passing your ear right before they find your neck?...more

Five Year Anniversary

I haven’t written a blog here in some time, mostly due to life events, endeavors, and escapes.  With so many recent anniversaries and new insights, I feel compelled to share; and since September 5th is the anniversary of my mother’s passing- it’s a must....more
Hi Susan. I still remember the day my (adoptive) mother died. Very painful. Enjoyed reading this ...more

Stage (LD)A

Late Discovery Adoptees have a whirl wind of emotions to navigate. In the beginning it is surreal and we each handle it differently. There comes a point where we all decide to move ahead. You simply cannot spend all your time in the past. Armed with a different sense of self, egg shells all around family members, hope and honor teeter and totter to start the motion. ...more

Cherish Today

I've learned to let precious moments fill me rather than spending any time imprisoned by the past. Here's a quick video of my baby grand daughter and her big new laugh. ...more

Honesty in National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Historically, the purpose was to draw attention to children in foster care and their need for permanency. Bravo to then Governor Dukakis in 1976 for getting things moving.Today, the campaign is used widely and for a host of opportunists—whether it’s an unethical agency trying to increase revenue or Petsmart promoting pet adoption. We’ve blurred the intention of adoption awareness and moved, in many ways, the wrong direction....more
@monikazimmerman Thanks for your comments. I don't have a personal connection to CUB, but I have ...more

The Faceted Writer

Every writer at every stage is much like a beautifully crafted diamond, multi faceted.  Like artists, poets, and sculptors we have a creative side that needs to be expressed. At times its imperative, like air or water.  Yes, for some, writing is that intense.  I have come to witness many new facets as I try to define who I am as a writer and pinpoint exactly what I need....more

"Shift Happens" Lets Talk

Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D. wrote a book that came out last year, Shift Happens.  I think it was intended just for me.  If you've ever thought, I'll be happy when________, or felt like something is wrong or missing - then he wrote it for you too.My big take away: Don't let something that happened to you become all that you are. ...more

Today, The Best Time of My Life

It may have taken three lefts to get there, but I am indeed headed right, in the proper direction.  Now, is the best time of my life.The first "left" came after missing great family times.  I was doing laundry when I was taken back to a boat ride in the darkness.  My heart dropped right back to 1997 thanks to the photos hanging in my laundry room from a trip to Disney Land and The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. ...more

With Marshmallows In My Coffee, I'm Showing Up!

I'm different; it's as if I was born-again the day I learned I was adopted.  So, really I'm about three and half years old now... and yes, marshmallows are even more fabulous than before.  I'm trying new things, discovering so much, and feeling my independence. For instance, have you been amazed by a humming bird lately? ...more