30 Days About Me-Day 1-My Favorite Song(s)

Thanks to A Daily Dose of Toni for this idea!  She is hosting a linky where she, myself, other bloggers and YOU will get to know a little more about us.  So click on over there (after you read my post, of course) and learn a little more about some terrific bloggers!...more

Yep! 30 Days About Me!


To Drink the Wine That Napa Makes

These are the ladiesThat went on a tripTo Go to the Wineries...more

Chicago...My Kind of Town

I STILL Suck at This!

In mid-Decembe...more

I Suck at This!

I suck at losing weight!  I really do!  One of my goals for this year was to lose 30 pounds, which was a totally reasonable goal when I set it in January.  As of right now, I'm...more

Happy Birthday, Mom

This is a hard post to write.  Today would be my mom's 82nd birthday, but she passed away last February.  There is a lot I want to write, but I'll save most of that for another time.  What I do want to say is this:  I miss my mom more than I could have imagined.  She was right about so many things...and I can't tell her that. I want to tell her about my kids learning to swim and ask her how I was when I took swimming lessons.  For those of you lucky enough to have one or both parents in your lives, cherish those moments.  Happy Birthday, Mom!...more

GoodReads: Have You Been There?

Who likes to read?  I do!  I do!  Have you been to GoodReads?  It's a website where you can keep track of what you've read, what you are currently reading and what you'd like to read.  You can rate and review the books you've read, too.  I especially love being able to keep track of what I'd like to read because there's no way I could remember all of those!  I even added my own "shelf" of books my book club has read....more

Dear Brett Favre,

Dear Brett Favre,...more