Why Raising Awareness through Sexism Isn't Actually Beneficial to Anyone: the Facebook Breast Cancer Memes

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with the start of the month comes the deluge of pink reminders peering at us from everywhere from grocery stores to online ads.  Much has been written on the idea of using commercial products painted pink as a sign of supporting breast cancer research; I am not fully opposed to the idea, insofar as the money that is actually donated to research funds.  What I am concerned about is what these attempts at awareness say about the women of our culture....more

Frank Deford: Accepted Sexist?

This morning, making my hour-long commute into the town where I attend graduate school, a segment on NPR’s “Morning Edition” began.  The topic was about male golfers, and so I let my attention wander, being almost completely unconcerned about the state of America’s golfing business.  I was slapped back into attention with the following quote:  “U.S. men's golf is starting to look like women's golf, where an American hasn't led the LPGA money rankings since 1993.”...more