Is Choice Enough? and the Accountability Question

Americans Elect is an interesting new political venture. Americans Elect is the first-ever open nominating process. We're using the Internet to give every single voter—Democrat, Republican or independent—the power to nominate a presidential ticket in 2012. The people will choose the issues. The people will choose the candidates. And in a secure, online convention next June, the people will make history by putting their choice on the ballot in every state. ...more
@Virginia DeBolt Maybe yes. Definitely people are disgruntled. I sure am. But I wonder about ...more

Our Virtual Team Toolbox

Everyone does virtual differently. Having worked in bricks-and-mortar previously, setting up a virtual work system as been something of a mix of experimentation with solutions recommended by others. Here are some of the ways we manage as a virtual company. ...more
We use Features pretty extensively. Really helps to keep the changes in sync between the dev, ...more

Who Should Decide What is Sold in iTunes?

But just as Amazon did not have to keep Wikileaks on its servers, Apple does not have to host and sell any apps it chooses not to. I'm free not to use any apps in iTunes I don't like. And if Manhattan Declaration ever gets reinstated in the store, I'm free not to use it, either. However I feel about any of these apps, it really is Apple's decision, in my view. ...more

Free speech is about having the right to say whatever you want w/o fear of government ...more

Trust For Sale! Media, Money and the Fragility of Brand

Forbes is about money. Markets, investment, moguls, industries. As a serious publication, it's also about trust. There are publications whose editorial leanings you may agree with or disagree with, but in general you can at least trust that their editorial leanings are their own. At least that's what we're led to believe. ...more

My husband works in TV news, so the blurry lines between editorial and advertising content are ...more

Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Maher: We Don't Care What Bloggers Have to Say

For years now, we've seen people entrenched in, married to, paid by or validated by old media attack new media, "those bloggers," Twitter, Facebook … the Internet in general. It's been fading lately as publishers especially have started to embrace and integrate new media into their publishing strategies. But there are still holdouts, many of whom seem not just ignorant but willfully ignorant. ...more
Bill who?more

Is Google Taking Us Back to High School?

I remember high school. The socialites — the "soshes" or soc's or however you would spell the nickname (I never learned) — were the in crowd. The cheerleaders, the football players, the glamorous crowd who looked down on the rest of us. Something like Heathers, only moreso and without the violence. When it came to who mattered in school, they were the arbiters. ...more

I think a hub system would work better--sort of like hub airports--with each section of the ...more

The Women of Drupal: an Ada Lovelace Day Appreciation

On this Ada Lovelace Day, I wracked my brain for someone to write about, and came up blank — not because I couldn't think of anyone, but because I can't pick out the one woman in technology or science who's exceptional in some way, because there are so many. So I'm writing about a group of women who who mostly don't know each other but are united by a project that's dear to them, and to me: Drupal. Meet the Drupalchix ...more

Thanks, everyone! That post just happened. I'm glad it has connected with ...more

The iPad Competes Against ... Nothing. And I Think It Will Do Well.

Once I got over the ridiculous name —- and thank you, HuffPo, for sharing the Mad TV sketch that long predates the iPad announcement —- I started to see how the new Apple iPad fits in the current market. It doesn't. That's right, it doesn't. And I predict it's going to be a pretty big success, too. ...more

This new Ipad makes me feel like a kid again.  Even though I know it's not a toy, I know ...more

From iPhone to Droid, Part 1: Top Free Droid Apps to Ease the Transition

I did it. After months of bitching out loud to my friends and colleagues, tweeting about it and blogging it, I dropped AT&T (and thus the iPhone) and got back on Verizon with the Motorola Droid. I thought it would be a rough transition, but it turned out to be not so bad. In fact, the Droid is a pretty slick device. But, like any "smart" tech these days, it's not truly yours until you've customized it, put your mark on it. And on the Droid, like the iPhone, that starts with the apps. ...more

Was just looking for Google Goggles because you made it sound so good! And I can't find it in ...more

Say Hello to the Open Source Decade

Open Source has been around for quite some time, but odds are most people you ask won't know what "open source" is. This isn't because open source is obscure, but rather it has slipped into the mainstream, and unless you're already in the know, there's no real reason you will have noticed it. But open source is here, and it's growing. Linux maximus ...more

In Sri Lanka (and quite likely other third world countries), open source is huge. Where ...more