Marriage: The highs, the lows and the space between

Last week, shortly before our 12th anniversary, Ed and I were watching a movie. I can’t even remember what movie it was – I’m not the best at paying attention to movies. I’m usually working on my laptop. And in the movie, the main character was nervous because he was planning to ask his girlfriend’s [...] ...more

“Oh, the places you’ll go…”

Dr. Seuss, he was a smart man. I could paper my walls with Dr. Seuss quotes. “Oh, the places you’ll go” is one that applies to so many situations in life. Just that part, standing alone. Before I had kids, I never could have imagined the places my mind and heart would go. I’m not [...] ...more

Out of the clouds and raindrops emerges a rainbow

I’ve never liked the rain. As far back as I can recall, I didn’t care for rain. It frightened me as a child. In Arizona, I associated rain with Monsoon storms – lightening and thunderstorms and flooding. As an adult, it meant car accidents – I’ve only lived in SoCal and Arizona, two places where [...] ...more

My one and only gift guide: P&G eStore Stocking Stuffers

  It’s Dec. 20. I’m beginning to think about Christmas shopping. True story. I have my eye on the prize and the prize is Friday EOD, when my company’s “Christmas break” begins. This is the busiest time of year for me with my job, so all of the normal December activities, like, you know, Christmas [...] ...more

Five years of motherhood

This past week, I had a conference with Mattix’s teacher. We talked about how well he’s doing socially – how kind and outgoing he is. We talked about how intelligent he is. And we talked about how he’s struggling in a few areas because of his vision. She said what I’ve known for a long, [...] ...more

Once you see your baby girl’s face, your whole life changes

On December 2, 2008, Ed and I saw Molley’s beautiful little face for the first time. I’ve shared the story many times, so there’s nothing new to add to the facts. On the one year anniversary of Molley’s referral, we were so grateful to be a family, still working hard to find our footing. On [...] ...more

Welcome comic relief from a 4-year-old

Life is good. It always is. No matter what’s happening, I have two amazing kids that make it good. We’re going through some medical stuff with Mattix, but this is not new. We do this occasionally. And while it’s not always instinctive to look at the positive — as the mom to this amazing kid who [...] ...more

Sunday recap: Living in and loving the present

This week was a great one. On Wednesday, my work day technically ended at 3:00. I put my laptop away at 6:00, which was three hours late but early for me, and left it away until Sunday evening. That is huge for me. Big. Seriously. And it was amazing and much-needed. I spent almost four [...] ...more

Friday fun: Sweet, sleeping babes

I love checking in on the kids when they are sound asleep. On the days I’m in the office, I either get home right before or right after they’re in bed. On the former days, I spend a few minutes playing with them and then I get them ready for bed and tuck them in. [...] ...more

Sunday Recap: 5 Things that made me happy this week

Kids, location, family We took some pics of the kids today for holiday cards. And by “we,” I mean Ed. And I’m not going to pretend he was exactly pleased about the whole situation, only because it was nearly noon by the time we were in place to take the photos at my parents’ house [...] ...more