Quick Update

Hi, guys. I’ll get a blog post up later today. Just wanted to jot a quick note first ....more

What is the Appeal of Donald Trump?

Yesterday, I was down on Wall Street with the kids and I saw some guy pull out his cell phone and take a video of the Trump sign outside of one of his buildings. I almost took a picture of the guy taking pictures of the Trump building. Because the Trump fans are more mysterious and interesting than the Trump himself ....more

SL 666

Love this video about the writing process behind this Skrillex/Bieber song. What happened to autistic people in the past? Before the label? ...more

Summer’s End

This is about...more

Trump Limbaugh on Trump

Gotta read this Conor Friedersdorf article on Donald Trump. I rarely agree with Limbaugh. But I think he was right when he said about Trump: “There’s a percentage of the population that is totally fed up with the political class, including the media....more

SL 665

Light fixture. Mohonk. I am very concerned about Kylie Jenner ....more

Donald Trump — Is there a silver lining?

Like 24 million other people, I watched the Republican debate last Thursday. I was on Twitter with the rest of the political junkies looking for cheap laughs. And there were plenty ....more

Gin and Juice

I had a gin and tonic on this porch last night before dinner. Gin and tonics will happen again. ...more

Minutes Before Mohonk

We have to take off for Mohonk Mountain in about 35 minutes. Of course, we left the packing until this morning. Of course ....more

The Trump Show and Good-bye to Jon

Oh, there’s going to be fun TV viewing tonight. And tweeting, I’m sure. First...more