Schools as Medical Providers

I’ve done a few posts this year about the expanding role of schools as social service providers. Here’s another one…. The recent report on Adam Lanza’s mental health before he killed a bunch of school kids in Connecticut is pretty sad ....more

Is the Internet a Cure for Loneliness?

At Salon, Toni Telfer has an article about the Internet and loneliness. Is the Internet a refuge for lonely people or does logging onto the computer take us away from other activities that would make us less lonely? My philosophy about blogging and the Internet in general is Real Life First ....more

Lifestyle Links

Alright. It’s hopeless. I’m in a domestic mood and can’t bear to write about politics or policy right now ....more

A House, Part Two

It was the final day of cleaning up Aunt Theresa’s house for sale. The real estate agent is taking pictures tomorrow. Open house on Sunday ....more

A House

Sorry for the blog neglect. I’ve been getting my hands dirty for the past few days. A couple of years ago, a family friend passed away ....more

The Social Media of Love

For someone who has been happily married for seventeen years, I am strangely fascinated by online dating websites. A number of my friends use My neice and my nephew are the product of that website ....more

SL 635

Call yourself a “Digital Prophet?” First up against the wall. “The large increase in support for legalization over the past decade was concentrated among Americans who watch a lot of TV.” Dude! Because potheads watch TV ....more

The Other Side of the Spectrum

Marie Myung-Ok Lee wrote a very nice piece about the politics of autism in Salon. She’s the parent of a severely autistic child. She says with all the attention paid to higher functioning autistic types, people forget about the families who are struggling with kids with severe needs ....more

What’s the Real Mom Problem?

Last night, I had an anxiety dream. I have finally graduated past the old anxiety dreams of showing up unprepared for the final exam of a class that I had forgotten to attend. I guess that’s progress ....more

Entering the World of Middle Class College Admissions

When I was working my way through the obstacles to getting my PhD, I had to sit for two written exams and one oral exam. I created binders of information that had to be crushed into my brain in preparation for any question that might come my way. Theories of property from Plato to Durkheim to Nozick ....more