The Responsibility of Employees and Schools

Ray Rice isn’t a very nice person. He knocked out his fiance in an elevator with a single punch to the face. Then he dragged her body out of the elevator into the hallway with a foot still lodged in the elevator ....more

The Return of the Hippie?

Ian developed a rather extreme interest in music over the summer. And because we lavishly indulge all of Ian’s cool tricks, I’m setting him up with music classes. It took some research, because we never had Jonah in any music classes ....more

Naked Celebs

Yes, we’ve tried to remain above the frey. Lofty goals and higher ground and all that. But then I’m reminded that this is Apt ....more

Woody’s World


Beef Stew and Garden Tomatoes

True facts: 1. One does not need a dutch oven to make a stew. Sheets of tin foil over a roaster pan also work. 2 ....more

Jay Meisel’s Place

Jay Meisel is well known for his photography and his cool New York City apartment, which is really an entire building on the Bowery. He purchased 190 Bowery for 100K back in the 1960s. Check out the slide show of the interior ....more

What’s For Dinner?

We ate in restaurants too much over the summer. We need to reform our sinning ways and reign in the runaway budget. So, it’s time to return to return to my zombie apocalypse cooking methods ....more

Who Wants to Enter Politics?

A few weeks ago, Jonah, Steve and I were watching the news. Someone commented on how much Obama has aged, since he first took office. His hair is white ....more

Journalists v. the Political Scientist

Thomas Frank and Ezra Klein are resurrecting an old fight in the blogosphere. It’s the political scientists v. the journalist debate ....more

SL 622

Gotta run out to pick up the CSA vegetables. Some links: Class of 2014 MacArthur Fellows. Admiration mixed with jealousy ....more