Week 4:Overwhelmed

The cat litter looms, an ugly stink wafting up from the basement. The feline, matriarch of three, emerged several times today to remind us that it is Sunday, housework day, which means that the boxes must be dealt with. I used to do the litter boxes myself. Obviously. There was no one else. I did it all myself. But now, married three months today, living together a little over two years, we share tasks. Usually well. A division of labour, but not completed on the other's schedule. For reasons I can't remember he took over the cat litter., The cat, and I, are "get it done" people....more

Misshapen cookies

All my life I have felt not that my real family was waiting for me somewhere, but that I was not like  my family. I never considered the possibility of another  family since,  although I did not understand genetics, I knew that family members look alike, and staring at me in the mirror were features I could recognize on extended family members of both sides. So I grew up knowing that it was me, I was the odd one: like how you sometimes get a misshapen cookie in the box that doesn't quite line up with the others in its row....more

How did this happen?

Acquaintences had food fall from their open mouths when I told them, "We're moving in together." My mother was actually speechless on the phone when I told her. I understand why; I was 35 years old, and had been telling anyone who would listen since I was 12 years old that I would never live with a boy....more