Midlife Crisis?

Growing up, I often heard the term "midlife crisis" swatted around like an annoying little insect.Dude bought a fancy new sports car? Midlife crisis.Dude up and left his wife? Midlife crisis.Dudette changed her hair color? Midlife crisis....more

Hyperemesis is NOT "Just" Morning Sickness!

Do You Know a Tough Girl?by LAURA BEDINGFIELD HERAKOVICH on DECEMBER 3, 2012...more

6 Tips for Conquering Your Kitchen

I wish I knew how to cook.I mean, I wish I could really cook. I have a few old standby dishes that I’ll trot out for special occasions, all 4 of which–remarkably–get solidly positive reviews. I am confident enough to (sometimes) cook without recipes, but I’m no where near creative enough (or adventurous enough) to face my pantry each night and whip up something unbelievable on a whim. Let’s face it: whimsy in the kitchen is for those with ample free time and no young children constantly underfoot and causing chaos....more

Sweet! Our School is Sugar Free!

My sons’ school recently made the decision to go entirely sugar-free. We received a letter notifying us of this policy during the summer. No longer would children be allowed to bring sugar-laden snacks to school, the cafeteria would ditch the baked desserts like oatmeal cookies and crazy candies and sugary treats would be disallowed in each classroom. I did a little happy dance in our driveway, and that was that.Or so I thought.I had no idea that going sugar free would be such a hot button topic....more
Our school promotes healthy eating and my children have very good healthy lunches. But I do not ...more

10 Reasons Why I'm Not on Pinterest

Right about the time I feel like I have a working grip on Facebook, along comes the latest time-suck. No, not Twitter; I’m still at the pre-K level of Twittering, by the way. Pinterest. (I do realize that Pinterest has been going on for a year or so.)After being asked by 47 friends if I was on Pinterest, I finally decided to take a peek. Great God in Heaven, was this Martha Stewart’s prison-term brainchild? How on earth do all these people have the time to do all these things and then photograph, edit and upload pictures of their…stuff?...more
 @JennaHatfield no worries! kudos to you for having great nails and hair (i'm envious!). truth ...more

Olympic Hopefuls

You’ve either been off the grid or in a coma if you didn’t realize that the Summer Olympics just wrapped up in London. This past Sunday found the 302-event sports-a-rama winding down after 15 days of non-stop competition. Those beach volleyball girls can put their clothes back on now.The Olympics rock. I am a mega-Olympic nerd, so I went online this morning to find out when I could get my next fix: only 539 days until the Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Games in Sochi.(It’s in Russia. Don’t worry; I had to look it up, too.)...more

Confessions of a Birthday Party Hosting Addict

I’m not quite sure why the crafty get such a bad rap. Frankly, I am pretty amazed at the creativity some people can spew at the drop of a hat. Of course, if I’m going to be dead honest, I’m probably about 2 Hobby Lobby trips away from being lumped into the category of crafters. While I draw the line at Devil’s Dandruff (glitter) and scrapbooking materials, we do have a stash of crafty things like glow-sticks and cardstock and science experiment books. Crafty, creative. To-may-to, to-mah-to....more

Stuff Moms of Boys Say

In case you haven’t been on Facebook or checked your email in the past two years, I’ll let you in on a little secret: the “Sh*t [people] Say” videos are hilarious.Justin Halpern started this phenomenon way back in 2009 when he began a list of random pontifications made by his elderly father. His list grew into a website (and very short-lived tv show), the crudely entitled “Sh*t My Dad Says.”...more

Things That Make You Go EWWW!

We all have them.Everyone has one or two things (or hundreds, I suppose, if you tend to be particularly neurotic) that make their skin crawl. Fingernails dragged across a chalk board. Knuckles being cracked. Gum being smacked.Still with me?What is it about these things that rattle us? I mean, I’m sitting here getting goosebumps just picturing the metal end of an old #2 pencil–the part that holds the cube-like nub of pink eraser–being chewed and crinkled and then scritched across a desk. Oh, man. The heebie-jeebies on overload....more

Don't Try to Sell an FBI Agent Day-Old Lemonade

Last week, our doorbell rang and I found a large badge pushed up to my face which didn’t belong to your run-of-the-mill police officer. Oh no. The badge came attached to the arm of an agent in the FBI. The Eff Bee Eye, people. I was in the process of loading up my 2 younger boys, so we could fetch the oldest boy from basketball camp. As I had no back-up for carpooling, I had to explain to the very large FBI agent who was sporting a very visible gun that, no, I actually wasn’t available for a discussion at this moment....more
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