Decorating With Unusual & Unique Pumpkins for Autumn and Halloween

It's common to decorate for autumn and Halloween with pumpkins and Jack O' Lanterns,...more



Broken China Jewelry Charm Bracelets

Take a peek at the heart charm bracelets that I made from broken vintage and...more

Solder Alchemy: My Second Jewelry Book!

I'm THRILLED to announce that my second jewelry instruction book,Solder Alchemy: 25 Jewelry Projects Using New Soft-Solder Techniques...more

I Have An Exciting Announcement To Make...

I haven't had time to blog lately because I have a lot going on over much in fact, that it is almost dizzying!...more

What You Think, You Become.

I'm not certain of the exact origin of this quote, but I think it speaks the truth... what do you think? ...more

Antique Flow Blue Jewelry

This week I finished up a few pieces of jewelry that I made from some broken antique Flow Blue china... (all pieces are available here in my shop) (all pieces are available here in my shop) What do you think? Want to make your own jewelry from broken china? ...more

What We Do For Others Remains Immortal

...your thoughts? ...more

New In My Shop Today

Take a peek at what's new in my shop this week... and I will be listing more tomorrow too... Check out the rest of my inventory here What do you think?...more

First Friday At The Banana Factory May 2, 2014

I'm expecting a great crowd tonight for First Friday at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA where I am an artist in residence! From 6pm to 9pm all of the...more