How To Cut A China Plate With A Manuel Glass Cutter - Video!

Hi Friends! I'm excited to say that I finally added a new video to my YouTube channel ~ it was kind of an impromptu filming, I thought I'd show those who are interested how to cut a china pottery plate with a manual glass cutter. (click here to watch!) This is a great method to learn if you want to cut your own pieces for broken china jewelry or to cut china mosaic tiles....more

My Favorite Autumn Palettes

Yay for autumn!...more

DIY Autumn Wreaths That You Can Make

What better way to welcome autumn and the change of seasons than to create your own fall wreath? Intimidated by the thought of crafting your own autumn wreath? Don't be! ...more

Painting Feathers - How To Make DIY Metallic Painted Feathers

Over the summer I collected a few feathers that found their way to me as I sat and worked in my backyard. This morning I thought I would try to add a little bit of paint to's how I did it... Assemble your supplies ....more

New Broken China Jewelry In My Etsy Shop..Part II

Whoa! I've been overwhelmed with things to do lately and thought I'd have these pieces up for you to see earlier, but didn't have a spare minute to get the photos up until now, they are!...more

New Broken China Jewelry In My Etsy Shop...Preparing For The Holidays

It's hard to believe it's already September, but I love fall have been busy working on my jewelry inventory for the holidays....more

The Magic Behind The Tools: Everything You Need Is Already Inside Of You

A friend was recently visiting me while I was making some jewelry. She noticed my inexpensive hand tools and asked me why I wasn't using expensive hand tools instead of the thrifty "economy" versions that I was using. Some of my favorite and most used hand tools – and even some of those I use in my books – are inexpensive chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, and end cutters....more

You Are Allowed To Tell Your Story

I hope you have a great week!...more

How To Make A Boho Chic Soldered Crystal Point Ring

I just finished making this awesome ring for my daughter Erica, who had asked me to make her a Boho style amethyst crystal point ring....more