When Tokophobia Flares: My Very Real Fear of Childbirth

NOTE: What follows is a rather detailed and somewhat gruesome account of my experience with c-sections and postnatal recovery. This is certainly not everyone’s experience; in fact, many women report incident-free and even pleasant c-section and postnatal experiences. With that said, if you’ve never had a c-section or baby but might in the future, I […] ...more

Stop Yer Starin': A Special Needs Request

Special needs parents have many pleas: that their little ones overcome their latest obstacles, that insurance covers the most needed treatments, and that someone will give our kids a chance in the future. But of all the pleas special needs parents have, the one that tops the list is the plea to strangers to stop […] ...more

33 Things I Thought While Teaching This Week

Now that school’s back in swing and I’m feeling that familiar old routine settling in, I’ve noticed my mind has started to wander during...more

Guest Post: “Mommy, when you get bigger, you will grow a penis too!”

I am so happy to welcome Mommy Catharsis of Contemplative Chaos as a guest writer this week. Not only is she one of my favorite bloggers, but I also have the pleasure of knowing her in real life. Enjoy the lessons her son has taught her, and be sure to...more

Teachers’ Guide to Surviving Data Analysis

If you’re employed as a K-12 educator in the United States of America (and possibly elsewhere), you know all to well the unpleasantness that is data analysis. (And if you don’t know anything about that of which I speak, you’re either not paying one bit of attention to what’s happening at your workplace, you work […] ...more

Feels-B-Gone: An Innovative Product for People with Too Many Feels

The other day at lunch, my colleague was telling us about a great new product she discovered to help her kitty cat cope with the stress of riding in the car. It’s called Feliway, and it’s basically a package of kitty wipes that release calming cat pheromones when smeared on a cat carrier or any […] ...more

Guest Post: Where have all the good manners gone?

I am pleased to welcome guest writer Aaron this week! In her post, Aaron explores how people’s values seem to have sullied over time....more

I Let Siri Babysit My Kid

Mr. Sammich and I are Android people, which means we have only passing experience with Siri. From what I can tell, she can be a real unhelpful bitch sometimes ....more

Guest Post: The “Talk” Happened

I’m very excited to welcome Emily of Our house, now a home as a guest writer this week. I hope you enjoy her experience having the dreaded “talk” with a child. Don’t forget to head on over to check out her blog and to follow her on her social media channels listed at the end […] ...more

10 Things You Can’t Do in Public While Pregnant (But Totally Want To)

When you’re pregnant, there are myriad things you wish you could just up and do no matter where you are and whom you’re with — things you probably do in the privacy of your own home without reserve. The thing is, you can’t in public. I mean, you could, but you’d either no longer have […] ...more