10-Minute Ways to Unleash Your Inner Athlete

How much can you improve in a sport in just 10 minutes a day? Every month I pick a different goal and spend 10 minutes a day on it. The goal is almost always motivated by frustration – a perpetually messy house inspired Declutter Month; not having a handle on our finances led to Money Month....more

May Challenge: Take 10 Minutes of "Me Time" Every Day This Month

May is supposed to be mom's month -- not just one day where after getting breakfast in bed it's pretty much business as usual. How can moms take back the month? Probably not with an indulgent vacation, or a chef to cook dinner every night. Instead, we'll have to do it a little at a time. It has to look like "business as usual" to everyone else, as we sneak in a few minutes of "me time" for ourselves....more

Take the challenge -- Organize the Photos in 10 Minutes a Day!

"Are you kidding? 10 minutes a day to organize the photos? I haven't done a thing since my high schooler was in pre-school." If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. At Give Me 10, we're all about tackling those projects that are just so overwhelming we've avoided them for way too long. Organizing the photos is a perpetual challenge and probably the #1 goal among people who attend Give Me 10 workshops. For something that's supposed to bring joy, photos sure can be a pain in the neck. Why do we hate the thought of organizing them so much?...more
This. Is. Awesome.more

Take the "Read a Book in 10 Minutes a Day" Challenge

So many moms say that one of the things they miss about life before the chaos of parenthood was having time to read. The thought of having enough time to actually build any momentum is too daunting. And being able to stay awake for more than a page or two? Not gonna happen. Who needs Ambien when there’s a book on my nightstand?...more

Success with Parenting Books, 10 Minutes at a Time

I am an avid reader of parenting books. Maybe “avid” isn’t quite the right word. Maybe it’s more like “desperate”. Whatever I have to tackle, I run frantically to the books. This is no secret in my family....more

I was tackling some issues with my little guys last year, and found it very helpful. I didn't ...more

10 Minutes Toward Financial Peace of Mind

We all know that the way to build wealth is to consistently save and “pay yourself first” — making sure to salt away some savings every month.Now, I’m no financial planner, so I’m just talking here about logistics. It seems to me  that a lot of us want to invest but the biggest hurdle is putting the plan in place. So whether it’s $50 a month, $500 or $5000, the trick is setting up the system to automatically invest it....more

The Elusive Joys of Napping

I have been obsessed with napping lately. Unfortunately, not taking naps myself, but admiring those who do. My friend, Alice, takes a nap every day -- every day. Just 20 minutes, but I have not been able to stop thinking about it. Yes, the 20 minutes of sleep is one thing to envy, but the whole ritual of self-care surrounding it is, too....more