Tak for Mad: Abelskiver

Right now I'm suffering from a not-enough-hands-and-too-many-pies kind of situation.Maybe suffering is not the right word. Because I'm loving this time of life. Reveling in it.My desk is covered in books on photography, typography and cooking, crowded by an empty bottle of gin, a glass of iced tea, an unopened wedding invitation, business cards, watercolor paints and brushes, my journal, a bendable ruler, an empty picture frame and a cast iron skillet.My mess is gloriousand energizing.Why can't I just put my hands in pies for a living?...more

Poultry Garb

Not too long ago, I visited Amazon.com and was a little surprised to see that SOMEthing in my previous purchase history prompted them to recommend that I buy a rubber chicken purse.I looked at the picture of the chicken purse for a long time.I tried to picture myself holding it at partiesor shopping around towndigging around through the inner workings of a chicken to pay for a parking meter.And I thought "naw...I couldn't possibly get away with that."So I went about my business and did not buy it....more

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was full of adventure.  Love and silliness and shenanigans and adventure. We headed to Portland with the two couples we hang out with the most, to attend the wedding of our friends Joel and Deborah....more

A walk through my back yard, brought to you by NyQuil

Something has been attacking my immune system all weekend.  I’ve spent the past three days in bed with a roll of toilet paper a few inches from my face and I look like I’m being attacked by an alien from the inside out.  My bedside table is crammed with reading material, Nyquil, my journal, fruit, my phone, my computer and…I don’t know…a lamp.  Some other stuff.  It’s an incredible bedside table....more

Ukelele on the corner

On my way home from work, I got to see something awesome.   Two kids were stopped at a crosswalk while I waited for my light to turn green.  Suddenly, joyfully, and with no audience, the guy on the left pulled out the uke and played while the guy on the right started singing.Luckily, my phone was on hand to catch the moment.This is how I want to be ready with a song and a friend when the world is telling me to wait....more

A short poem about a troll named Huey

I accidentally woke up my brain troll,Huey.It all started last week when I went and gota brand new set of goals.They were fresh and newand I washed them cleanand I stacked them up, and arranged them in anaesthetically pleasing manner.They were sensible, practical goals,sturdy and well made.  Not thosesee through porcelain goals I've had before,easily broken, easily left unusedbecause of their delicacy....more

con mucho gusto

Part one: LifeLast weekend, diets went out the window.  We gorged ourselves on life and friends and food.  Eating it all up.We were reminded of how fragile life is last week with the sudden loss of a friend.  It stopped us in our tracks.  Broke our hearts.  The loss is deep and scary and so many of us are trying to figure out what happens next.We had plans for the weekend, and an out of town guest to entertain.  And suddenly it felt profane to carry on - to have fun seemed out of the question....more

Escape Plan

Like most people, I need a routine.  I need things I can depend on from day to day.  I need structure and goals to stay focused.It took me a surprisingly long time to discover this about myself.  It took me exactly 28 years 342 days and  14 hours to realize that without structure, I naturally forget to do important things like...put on pants.  Or brush my teeth.  Or have fun....more


A few weeks ago, I sat down at my computer, opened up Wordpress and started a new post.  This is what I wrote: I hate Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  My sister made me watch it so many times when we were little. But that's also why I love it. After writing those bits, I just stared at my screen for a while, and nothing else came from my fingertips on to the screen.  I saved the draft and clos...more