Dress For Success?

After I left my job in radio marketing over a year ago (I can't believe its been that long!), I moved to a "casual" workplace.  In radio, the norm is suit-esque business attire Monday thru Friday, and some Saturdays and Sundays (still wondering why I moved on?).  In my current workplace, jeans are the norm.  We call it business casual, but the reality is that I'm wearing to work the things that I used to wear on the weekends.  Does this mean that I still wear the same things on the weekends?  No.  My weekend style has also even more casual - Stacy and Clinton w...more

I Ran for Japan

I'm sure your thoughts have been with the people in Japan - after the massive earthquake and resultant Tsunami on Friday, February 11th, massive destruction has devastated the people and economy of Japan. Run for Japan is inspired by the great runners of Japan and is about bringing together the global running community and showing solidarity and support through dedicating runs...more