7 Warnings for Potty Training Boy Moms

I use to be a modest person. I didn't like to change clothes in front of others, much less would I talk about bodily functions. Motherhood changes you though. It rips the modesty right out of you in one swift tug. Bodily functions become your main focus when you have a baby. Potty training just brings them into a daily reality. Nakedness is next to Godliness...or was that cleanliness?Just go ahead and pack away the camera for awhile....more

Let Them be Little

The moment Ethan walked into the hospital room to meet his little brother for the first time, I began seeing him in a different light. Before Jackson's birth he was my baby, but the second Jackson had been extracted from my uterus, he obliviously became the oldest. ...more

Baby Shower of Love

This past week I had the chance to throw a new friend a baby shower and I had so much fun putting things together. It seems the more parties I throw, the easier they get to do. I guess I'm sort of finding my "entertaining groove" which is somewhat stress relieving since I will have two special birthdays to plan for in a few upcoming months....more

Oh, hello there, trying threes.

Apparently my child is an overachiever and likes to reach life stages ahead of the norm. By this, I mean at age 2.5 we officially left the terrible twos and entered into the world of trying threes or as I'd like to call it "The year mommy's sanity goes to die.". Sigh....more

Go Forth with Confidence

I remember the very first time I took Ethan to the grocery store by myself. I was terrified. It wasn't so much that I was afraid that he would cry in public (and believe me, I was afraid of that), but I was even more afraid that I would look inexperienced. That people would know I secretly had no clue what I was doing. All the other mommies were going to stare at me. They were going to judge me. They would know that I was a newbie....more
I know exactly how you feel! I feel like I am paralyzed once I hit the doors to the ...more

My "Just a mom" Moment

 I'm no expert at this being a mom business, but I have been one long enough to figure out that there are dark days. Days when you feel like you suck at your "job", days when you feel like you are amazing at your "job", days when you feel like you can do anything and everything and days when you feel like you are nothing but just a mom. ...more