Giving Big feels so good

Today was my first #GiveBig.I donated $1000 to a soup kitchen run by a husband and wife, Gene and Jean (so cute), out of the Central United Methodist Church in Ballston, VA.They call it the A-SPAN Ministry, because their program supports the work done by Arlington Street People's Assistance Network to end homelessness in the area. ...more

Give big.

It all comes back to Maya.Nearly a year ago Ms. Angelou stared back at me from the TV and said:You have to give. Give what you have to give.I couldn't say no. More than that, I realized how much I wanted to say yes. How long I'd been waiting for the opportunity to give what I have to give.I wanted to generously give love, and to have it received. I just needed a push....more

Own it, already

Forgive the rant, but it needs to be said.It's time to be who you are unapologetically.My recent rants have been on accepting a compliment and Saying Yes. It seemed about time for a new one. I'm speaking mainly to women, but I think it applies more broadly too.What am I talking about?...more

Say what needs to be said

Say what needs to be said It's not easy to tell the truth, but it's w...more

Time for your check-in

Unlike the dentist, this won't hurt a bit.It's mid-January, when holidays are a memory, you're back to a routine and resolutions, such as they are, may not be sticking.That's why it's time for check-in.How are mine, you may ask? Pretty darn good. The main reason is because my resolutions were secondary. I wanted to take more naps (done!) and remove the word "try" from my vocabulary (it's complicated). ...more

Resolutions that work, really

You know you want to set some. I think it's in our DNA.Attaching your resolutions to your values makes them stick. Then, they are just to-do's that will bring you closer to what you really want for yourself.My resolutions for 2012?To remove try from my vocabulary and to take more naps.The first one conjured up Yoda for some of you.Do or do not. There is no try.Yoda is right....more

What If Your Fear Is Right

In the middle of the night, fear can taunt me with that thought. I woke up this morning with its voice loud in my ear.  You know what that's like, when the sunlight seems unable to scare away the demons that haunt you at 3am. I tried my usual tricks to silence fear's voice -- singing two songs at once (you think I'm kidding, but it works), counting sit-ups out loud and keeping myself occupied. Laundry at 7am, anyone? Then it hit me. It's time to look at what I'm afraid of. ...more
Yes sometimes it's simply what if it leads to something better? Miracles happen when we stand ...more

The story of my life

Today is my birthday. A chance to look back and appreciate where I am right now, because where I am is very special.My coach told me: "You've changed the story of your life in the past year."He's right. I've carried around with me for as long as I can remember a belief that I can't possibly be loved. That I'm too needy, that I'm not good enough, and that I have to prove I'm worthy before I will deserve it.It made me try very hard at everything. It made me choose people who withheld love so that I could earn it (hopefully). ...more

When in doubt, stand still

Yes, I'm advocating doing nothing.At least, that's what it will feel like.When done right, standing still is a powerful act. Standing still means not taking a pro-active step in any direction. It means noticing what's happening around you, and what you feel, without acting on it right away. ...more

Hug like you mean it

Have you been hugged by another adult lately? Atrocious.As children, we hugged indiscriminately. Nothing like the half-hearted, one-armed, you-call-that-a-hug we give and get as adults.What we've forgotten is that hugging is a gift in its purest form. Recently I've been thinking about what I could give away. I have the time and the desire, but have yet to find an opportunity or a charity that motivates me to say yes. The big yes with my heart singing....more
@Lauree Ostrofsky LOVED the speech on Youtube! The TV link isn't working, though.more