Chocolate Buns

 In true Coffee Muffins style I yet again forgot about the posting date for the Fresh from the Oven challenge. However at least this time I remembered to make it before deadline day!...more

Cherry Bakewell Cake

So as you guessed I am in a bit of a cherry kick right now, and when I saw this recipe for raspberry bakewell cake in this months Good Food magazine I knew I had to try it, and that I also had to substitute in cherries for the raspberries.     See rest of Cherry Bakewell Cake. ...more

Vegetable Box: Cauliflower, Broccoli and Broad Beans

No crazy new vegetables in here. Nope, just plain everyday vegetables in my box this week, so the challenge is how to make them exciting!     Continue reading Vegetable Box: Cauliflower, Broccoli and Broad Beans ...more

Broad Bean, Broccoli and Red Cabbage Stir-fry

I have waxed lyrical enough about the wonders of a good stir-fry many a time, and here is another reason to try them out. This one is really made by the vivid greens of the broad beans and the broccoli alongside the deep purple of the red cabbage.     See the rest of Broad Bean, Broccoli and Red Cabbage Stir-fry. ...more

Simple Carrot and Coriander Soup

It’s Sunday and I’ve still got all the vegetables from my organic box on Tuesday! So before the next batch arrives I have been trying to desperately come up with quick recipes to use all my veg up.   See the rest of Simple Carrot and Corriander Soup. ...more

What to do with kohlrabi

I am now a huge fan of kohlrabi, and all it took was two recipes, and my first kohlrabi to do it.   To see full post go to What to do with Kohlrabi. ...more

Burgers are actually what I ate with my kohlrabi slaw, and it tasted really good. Haven't tried ...more

Cherry and Almond Bread

Cherries are an integral part of the summer for me, and linked with France because of all my childhood holidays there. On one holiday in Paris as I got on the metro, the doors closed! My Mum and I on one side, my Dad and little sister on the other.   Read the rest of Cherry and Almond Bread. ...more

Scottish Mince Round (or Pie)

While being Scottish and living my whole life in Scotland, I didn’t grow up on the traditional Scottish fare. My parents loved Indian curries, Italian Pizzas and Pastas and by the time I was getting into my teens Mexican. So it wasn’t until my all-to-brief holiday up north to Macduff that I truly appreciated the simplicity and satiating nature of a mince round. See the rest of Scottish Mince Round. ...more

Beetroot Risotto

Purple is my favourite colour. Last winter I had a purple coat (I got some pretty amazing compliments about it in Seattle – do Americans not have purple jackets?) I also had about 5 purple tops, a couple of purple dresses and the most amazing purple shoes. (I even had a pair of purple tights… but we won’t go into that.) Even though going through an extreme purple phase I never ate anything purple. It’s not a colour I associate with food, especially not savoury meals. So when I got beetroot in my organic box this week and started looking into what new things I could do with it. Browsing online this purple risotto jumped out at me! See full post on Beetroot Risotto. ...more

Strawberry, Blueberries with Ice Cream topped with Scottish Tablet

Now that you have all made your first batch of Scottish Tablet you might be wondering to do with your wonderful slabs of sugary gold. Or if you haven't made it yet maybe you are looking for another nudge in the right direction. See full post on Strawberries, Blueberries with Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Scottish tablet. ...more

but thanks that gives me a wonderful idea for a follow up!!more