Welcome to College Life - Dorm Room Living

The little ones are flying the coop! College classes start this month for most incoming freshman, so that means the move-in process should be complete any day now.I remember leaving behind the comfort of my bedroom that I'd spent years decorating - it was heartbreaking! I felt like I was leaving it to cheat on another, less attractive, blank canvas college living space....more

Back-to-School Shopping? Yes, it's Time.

“OhhhhhhhBack To SchoolBack To SchoolTo Prove To Dad That I’m Not A FoolI’ve Got My Lunch Packed UpMy Boots Tied TightI Hope I Don’t Get In A FightOhhhhBack To SchoolBack To SchoolBack To School” – Adam Sandler in Billy MadisonEverybody join in. It’s that time of year again… School is about to be in session. Before you start to panic and come to the realization that you’ll be losing your little, or big ones, again to the start of the school year, let me share some amazing sale finds to make the process a little easier....more

That's a Wrap! BlogHer '13

Being a newbie to BlogHer I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I will say that everything that I “thought” I expected was exceeded. Heading back to Chicago already filled me with excitement, since I used to live there. There’s something about that city that draws me in and makes me never want to leave – it truly is magnificent. And the events of the week and weekend made the experience one that I won’t soon forget....more

BlogHer Bound! Now What to Pack?

I can't tell you how excited I am to be heading off to BlogHer in Chicago this week! First of all I was born there, so returning to my roots is always a plus, and secondly I'm looking forward to meeting SO many wonderful and talented bloggers!Per usual, my biggest issue with jet-setting is the dilemma of, "What in the world do I pack?" I reached out to BlogHer attendees asking for tips, since I'm a rookie, and I got some great feedback....more